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Give me the Remedy!
January 30, 2011, 12:44 pm
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What is your favorite or most used remedy for the normal childhood ailments? It’s winter, and we’ve been fighting coughs, fevers, regular colds and such. Preventive and treatment both, please!!

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Our kiddos haven’t been sick much, praise the Lord, so I may not be much help! But I usually like natural approach stuff like ginger tea, vicks on the feet while they sleep, vaporizers, acidophilus, vitamin C… someone else might have to chime in here!

Comment by Jenn Philpot

We live by Vicks on the feet at night for coughing. That has been the best thing I’ve used ever. 🙂

Comment by Joy Folken

Tis no fun with sickly little ones! We just went through two rounds of the stomach flu sandwiched by the chicken pox. All six kids at the same time. That is a lot of oatmeal baths. I thought it would never end.
For coughs, I always mix up a batch of honey, lemon, and slippery elm. There is also a good tea out there called Throat Coat. Also, slip a little tea tree oil in the vaporizer as a good disinfectant. This website has a lot of good natural remedies that we use:
In the meantime, rest in the Lord and let Him be your strength for each day. He is a loving Shepherd and gently leads those that are with young.

Comment by Holly Smith

PRAYER!!!!! Vicks on chest and feet, humidifier with peppermint oil in it, prop up pillows/mattress so that all of the junk can drain better, colloidal silver… I made Lilian a cough syrup of molasses and orange juice concentrate, she loved it. That same night I put the humidifier in with her so I’m not sure which helped. If you can get the older ones to eat it garlic is sure good! Or you could just make all of your garlic recipes! We’re praying for you all to get better soon!

Comment by ( : David,Kate&Lilian : )

I am on the way to church… Research garlic and honey remedies. I used aromatherapy a lot last year and we really loved the results. I go through eucalyptus like crazy. Even rich, when he feels bad in anyway will ask me to turn it on cuz it works. Also, buy vitamin C chewies and boiron or hylands cough meds. BUT, my biggest remedy is prevention. Vitamins everyday!

Comment by stephanie

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