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What I Will Miss
November 20, 2010, 8:22 pm
Filed under: children

We just spent two days with our friends the Wade family, and our seven children under six years old.  Wow!  As hard as these years are (and ours are older than theirs) there are some things I know I will miss when the flurry of toddlerhood and babyhood is gone.

  1. Mispronunciations – somehow I can’t bring myself to correct some things.  They are proof that they are still young, and often they are funny as all get-out!
  2. Board books and bath books – what will I do with my time when I’m not cleaning up liquid all the time? (drool, bath water, spills, other body fluids)
  3. Stories on my lap – I intend to keep these going well into childhood, just today Elijah asked if he could sit in my lap for me to read to him, and I let him, even though he’s long and lanky and just too tall for me to read over his head anymore.
  4. Snuggles and hugs – we plan to keep these going for a long time too, but adult hugs just aren’t what you get from a tired 2-year-old!
  5. Early bedtimes and naps – no explanation needed here!
  6. Baby giggles and fun goofy games that you can only play while they are little like “cracking my egg,” “pancakes” “raspberries” and the potty dance
  7. “Baby grace” – it seems that the older we get, the less tolerable people are to our human annoyances.  A baby crying in the grocery store is much cuter than a grown man or woman screaming their lungs out.
  8. The worship and joy about little things – today Elijah suggested “let’s go sit under the tree and listen to the bird singing beautifully, ‘dat be a nice idea.”

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