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Soaked Bible!!

The inevitable mommy-of three-thing happened: water spilled all over my Bible, soaking a good majority of the pages!  After some quick searching, I decided to try one suggestion, and it WORKED!!!

1.Put pieces of dry paper between the soaked sheets (every 10-20 pages or so) and put on a flat surface under a stack of heavy books.

2. Let dry for several days, then rotate the paper around to soak up more moisture if needed

3. Repeat until completely dry.


Not only are my pages dry, but they are flat, not curled up!!  Yay!!

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So…cat spilled sweet tea on my Bible back in May. I wonder if this would work if I re-wet my Bible again? Haha.

Comment by Whitney Alexander

I have some permanently wrinkled and coffee stained pages. At first, I was really annoyed every time I saw it. Now, it serves as a sweet reminder of my role as mommy (it was a sweet, precocious little baby sitting on my lap who knocked the coffee over). I figure a mommy’s bible is probably going to take a beating but at least that means it’s being used and not sitting on a shelf gathering dust, right? 🙂

Comment by Krista Delaney

Have you tried rice?

Comment by Maximo Caratini

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