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The Creation Museum with Friends
September 11, 2010, 9:11 pm
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We spent this weekend with friends from Omaha who are proving to be true lifelong friends.  The last two years they have made the effort to come our direction so we can get together with our families and catch up.  This was the sweetest visit because our children remembered each other from last year and everyone picked up right where we left off.

Elijah and his friend almost share birthdays . . . only four days apart!

Jeremy and his friend share birthdays. . .ALSO only four days apart.  I don’t remember who is older, but we all know who is the most mature:-)

Age doesn’t matter with Jenny and I, she is a rare kind of friend.  She and I pick up like we still live in the same town and we are constantly amazed at how much the other is like our husband. . .new similarities everytime we hang out!   Maybe that’s why we like each other so much!

We had lots of laughing with each other, our children, our husbands, everyone enjoyed lots of messing around and goofing off.

Playing with snakes

Micah just couldn’t get enough of the snakes, he kept wanting to touch them!

We actually did get to the museum, which was pretty neat.  Lots of exhibits of the book of Genesis, including the Garden of Eden, the Ark (a 1% volume of the ark exhibit that was HUGE)

And of course, a billion group shots trying to get one with all the children looking at the camera!

This last one is my favorite simply because it sweetly shows three of some of the most fun children I know – who keep their mommies and daddies on their toes, laughing, playing, praying and “cooking” up obedience at every turn.


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Your family is beautiful! I love that we can connect with you in this way.

Comment by jenne sentor

Jenne, how are you all doing?? The one thing that is difficult about a blog. . .you don’t know who’s keeping up with you unless they post! How is YOUR family? Do you all have a blog? Hugs to you and all of yours!

Comment by icaskey

Are you still in town?? Will you be at the Church picnic??? Will I get to see you??

Comment by Angie Gottsch

Awww Angie, the Greenwells came our direction! We traveled just a little north in Kentucky to the Creation Museum where they were stopping on their trip. We didn’t have to go far to meet them. . .many hours LESS than Omaha! Let us know when you all are coming through, we’d love to see you guys!

Comment by icaskey

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