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New Blogs on Our Roll
August 31, 2010, 10:17 pm
Filed under: Friends

We just added two new blogs to our blogroll and one new link. . .so you can peek into the lives of two of our neighbors here at seminary.

Whitney and Mat are two sweet people who live across the street from us (Alexander Family). They love our children, Mat can preach like nothing else (the link is to his site where you can hear his sermons at Sunnyside Baptist Church – go listen and have your socks blessed off, as they say here in the south) Mat and Whitney are also some of the scariest and funnest people to play dice with!

Rachel (Lundy Family Blog) is the mom of one of our children’s closest playmates (literally, he lives two doors down from us!) and one of the sweetest women I have ever been blessed to call my friend. She lives with Dysautonomia, a condition that affects how she lives everyday life here on earth, because her autonomic nervous system does not regulate properly.

We thought we’d share these blogs with you so you can take an internet jaunt over to their places to visit them, just like we do here in real life in our neighborhood! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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Aw, thank you, Adina!

To anyone who reads my blog in the next few days, know that I don’t usually post three blog posts in a row about midodrine and the FDA. I’m not usually quite that boring. 🙂

Comment by Rachel

Too funny Rachel!! I agree, you are far from boring. . .but I also think it is a good thing you are posting about these things, we DO need to hear about them!

Comment by icaskey

Yall are so kind. Thanks. And we do love your kids. (and yall too)

Comment by matalexander

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