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Elijah’s Journal
August 23, 2010, 8:59 am
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School is in full swing for us!  Yay!  I’m going to let Elijah post this blog today, in a sense. . .below you will find a sampling of some recent journal entries.  He tells me what to write, then he illustrates, although sometimes the picture gets drawn first.  Enjoy 🙂

This is my favorite: our friends got engaged yesterday and it was Elijah’s journal illustration

this morning in his journal. . .this is all of us sitting around in our living room

toasting their engagement seminary style: non-alcoholic and CHEAP!

Since I can’t draw, here’s a photo of the engaged couple is seated on the loveseat,

and our friends the Lawsons are on the right, married one year and barely pregnant with their first child,

and of course, us the old people, married 12 years, Elijah taking the photo, Micah is on the right observing!

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You are doing an excellent job of drawing and telling about your life. Very good work. You are keeping special memories about your family. Ask your mommy to add the photograph of the engagement party to your journal. I will look forward to the next time you can find some treasures at our house.

Miss Carolyn

Comment by Carolyn

I was just reading your blog and scrolled to this one. I read it a while back when you wrote it but Lumina just started drawing people and they look just like elijahs. It makes me think if she picked it up when you all visisted and if she remembered how to from him. I never showed her how to make a person she just did one day.

Comment by Roseann

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