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Finding “Decent” Swimwear

UPDATED!! 3/2012 – a few more sites to the list below. . . CHECK THEM OUT!!

I’ve struggled with wanting my daughter to grow up wearing (as I do) swimsuits that cover more skin than your average swimsuit.  As a toddler I’ve made this a matter of priority with my very limited shopping, and it’s one item we budget for.

Modest swimsuit swimdress

A note on two-piece suits: they aren’t always LESS modest than one-piece suits (though they usually are).  Lately I have found swim-skirts with tank-top type tops that were WAY more modest than most one-pieces.  With toddlers especially, the two-piece gives them more room to grow into and doesn’t leave a swimsuit tugging and pulling, exposing things you are trying to keep covered with the one-piece.   I have had to be willing to wade through less-than desirable options before I find the right swimsuit. . . and so here is the result of my wading:

For older girls and moms: – LOTS OF OPTIONS!! – A bit expensive, but SOOOO cute!!

For children’s sizes:

Check ebay, of course, and Target this year had a few two and one-piece suits that covered a lot, including a swimdress (pictured above, yay!)  Keep in mind that lots of stores restock with new designs part-way through the summer.

Any other suggestions?  Leave a comment please with a link.

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Good note, Adina – on the fact that a 2-piece might last through more growth spurts than a 1-piece. I didn’t realize they made swim skirts/dresses for young girls, but I will have to keep my eye out. Thus far, I have adjusted for long-waistedness by going up a size, but you know that can last only too long before they will actually be too BAGGY on my skinny Sydney. 😀

Comment by Joy

Had the same trouble …..more so….for teens.

For one, I bought a one piece 16plus girls size that came with shorts and took tucks in the shorts and a tuck under the arms. The back and sides were modest..she is a skinny girl but the plus size gave extra coverage “up-top”.

For the other, we hit the women’s dept at Sears. All swimwear was half-off but it was still pricey.. bought a Lands End black skirt bottom and another brand top that was made more like a tank top. I sewed them together so nothing would fall down or bunch up. It looks like it was made that way. Still cost about $45 at half price.

I found some cute sites but all the suits were sold out. Not much fabric available in stores to make them but you can order it.

I found it interesting that it is becoming “PC” to cover your skin…..UV protection is becoming the rage now. I saw many “trendy” sites with young pretty models in short sleeved and long “rash protector” surf shirts and surf shorts that are similar to the long trunks for guys.

My 14yo also bought a pair of boys long trunks and layered tank tops/sports bra under it.

Comment by richardson family

The second website has patterns so you ca make them yourself

Comment by kim

2 sites I mean to leave, but I don’t think I did it right on the first comment

Comment by kim

Hi Adina! I just saw your blog post on FB and thought I catch up with the Caskey’s! How are you all?

For swim suits, we have switched over to rashguards and board shorts. They are just as modest as shorts and a t-shirt, plus we don’t need very much sun block at all. They are pricey up front, but we wait til Land’s End has their clearance. They hold up well and are worth the expense.

Comment by Jessica Priest

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