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Credit Protecting

A friend of ours recently bought “credit insurance” which I guess protects you/helps you in the event of identity theft.  They told us that we needed to get it.  However, it’s just not in the budget for us, but it did make me think that I needed to at least do the thing that was FREE, namely, checking our credit every year.

I just finished doing it, and everything looks good, nothing fishy, and it only took about 30 minutes to do both of our credit reports (from three different agencies for both of us)  The website I used that was very EASY and FREE was You can also check it online or order it by phone or mail on that website.

Happy credit-report-checking!!

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If the agency is serous about their work, there is no way he can come up with incorrect information.

Comment by Free credit report

singing along with catchy melodies, at the end of the most popular commercials attentive listening, the disclaimer “,” … with registration in triple advantage’ ‘, a subscription service listening.

Comment by annualcreditreport12

Many people are looking for a up-to-date credit report to make sure that their identity has not been stolen.With the increase of identity fraud account are agencies now offers people the chance to protect themselves.

Comment by annualcreditreport12

free credit score which part of your credit. In reality, all of 3 one of the issues the check credit score that contains information such as has been compiled by credit score check the agency 1 report but will not tell us exactly with those of all of your agency.

Comment by checkcreditscorefree

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