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Changes With Death
July 14, 2010, 2:42 pm
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The big question Jeremy and I, and perhaps other family members have right now is, “What does Joe’s death change for the  future?”  We know that some things in life will be different.  When we took pictures as a family, there were only three boys, not four.  We know that there will be a big hole at holidays and at times when we would have celebrated as a family.  The list goes on, and is different for each family member.  In fact, part of our grief is for family who will have a bigger hole in their lives than us.  Like the older cousins who remember Joe very well, and of course Jeremy’s parents and Jeremy’s brother who was stationed with him in the Marines.

When everyone else moves on with their life, in essence closing that chapter of their lives and beginning another, those closest to the one who died wonder how they will continue on with a huge chunk of their life’s book torn out.  How will their story go on?  Is there a story to continue?  And if the story continues, will it be a good story, or have a happy ending?

Decisions we need to make in the near future seem daunting right now.  That is the nature of grief.  I usually try to give an answer, a solution to any problem I introduce in a blog post, but today is different.  In the days when the grief is intense, there are no clear answers, so we hold on to what we know. . .and what we know is that we are human, and God is God.  Because God is God, we grieve, and ask questions, and cling tightly to Him who made us, the One who ordains our days and who guides all that goes on in the universe.

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God keeps bringing your family to my mind and heart. We are standing before the Throne of Grace with you and for you. Christ knows how to advocate on your behalf even when the silence fills the room.

Comment by Carolyn

Praying for you guys. We miss you so much.

Comment by Whitney Alexander

yes, its a journey of steps and if we step on one scripture and wait for the next, that is how my days have gone forward. Truth is my only hope!!

Comment by cindy morris

Hey guys, we have been thinking about you. We were so sorry to hear about your brother. I hope you have been able to find peace and comfort. You guys are great people and such an example. We will keep you in our prayers. We hope you can continue to be strong. All our love, The Holmgrens

Comment by Natalie Holmgren

You and your family are in our prayers. Thank you for sharing with us and letting us hold you up to the Father.

Comment by richardson family

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