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Five Years of Elijah
June 15, 2010, 12:58 am
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I cannot describe with words the amazing gift Elijah is to our family.  He turned five this past week, and I can hardly believe how the time has flown.  Elijah is a very good brother to Micah and best friend to his sister (she says he is her best friend) a helper to me, a play-partner for Jeremy, and a loving friend to the children around him.

Elijah is starting to understand that we are all sinners and that Jesus came to take away our sins if we repent.  We are very excited about how he is growing to understand more about God and about what God created us for.

Elijah loves to play outside, ride his big wheel, play light sabers with daddy, friends or even adult neighbors who seem the least bit interested.  He can hit a T-Ball really well, and even catches a few, and enjoys playing pretty much any action hero, including Spiderman, Batman, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, even Bibleman.  He likes to read, play Wii with Jeremy, watch movies, and even cook and eat.  Elijah likes to lead a few songs in the evening during our family devotions, and his favorites are “Halellu, Halellu” and “He Has Shown Thee (Micah 6:8)”

Elijah is interested in what people do for a living and is considering many future career fields, including conducting music, playing the trumpet, working in the produce department, driving a trash truck, preaching, being Buddy Bat (the local baseball team’s mascot) landscaping, or mail delivery, just to name a few.

We got to celebrate Elijah’s birthday with some of his closest friends at a nearby park with a playground and sprinklers.  We had all Elijah’s favorite foods: hot dogs, baked beans, pasta salad, watermelon, chips, asian lettuce salad, a veggie platter and Spiderman cake and spider-topped cupcakes designed and created by his Aunt Risa.

This year Elijah got to play in the snow, lost his first tooth, he played T-Ball on a team, completed Cubbies (he will move on to Sparks in the fall!) learned to write his name and draw lots of things and “read” (had read to him) several chapter books including Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe and other great adventure books.

He is very excited about starting Kindergarten soon and if you ask him what he looks forward to doing while he is five, he says, “learn to read books.”  He’s getting close to ready, we think, so that’s our birthday wish for Elijah too, along with our deepest hope that this time next year, he will have a greater understanding of what it means to love the Lord His God with all of heart, mind, soul and strength, and his neighbor as himself.

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I love you, Elijah, my little buddy, my video game partner, Star Wars chum, and oldest son. God has great things planned for you.

Comment by Jeremy

What a beautiful blog on the precious gift you and jeremy were intrusted to raise! And Risa, we may be copying that cake, great job!! Happy birthday buddy!

Comment by kelly

will you be homeschooling him when he starts school in the fall?

Comment by Jennifer, Fontana, J

Jennifer, as of this week, we started homeschooling him for Kindergarten. My hope is to go year round to give us some more flexibility with time off (especially when the weather is nicer!). The children are loving it and so am I!!

Comment by icaskey

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