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Getting Old
May 28, 2010, 11:54 pm
Filed under: Adina

I’ve had several reminders lately that I’m aging.

First I’m hallucinating. . .not really, but forgetting where I put something then thinking I’ve been robbed because I can’t find it.  I’m not kidding, I actually did this.  Wanna’ hear the story?  Okay, even if you don’t, here goes: On our road trip back from my sister Risa’s graduation we stopped at a playground for the children to stretch, and a Taco Bell.  Both were quick.  But when we got home and I couldn’t find the children’s school mini laptop and the hard drive with the movies on it, I was sure it had  been stolen.  We scoured the car, every inch of it.  I was sick.  There were photos on that hard drive, and lots of Jeremy’s papers from seminary.  Today as I unpack the last bag, the toy bag with books and toys, there sits the mini laptop and hard drive in with the books.  Then it flashes back to me, that as we got out at Taco Bell I slipped it in there so it would be out of sight.  Why did I forget that for THREE DAYS??!?!??  Why couldn’t I remember that I had done that less than three hours earlier??

Secondly, I’m scrapbooking with my sister Risa who was Merry’s age when I left home!  She just graduated high school.  Waaaaa!!  Going through tons of photos of days gone by just isn’t an ego boost in the aging department!  Whoa do we look different, and WHOA, how much the children have grown!

Thirdly, dental work.  Enough said, since I want you to enjoy reading this blog.

Finally, I bought some makeup.  (gasp! Adina?) Losing the baby/pregnancy weight didn’t make me look 10 years younger like I’d hoped it would, and neither did a haircut.

But who cares, right??  Today I smile, and thank God for the many days HE has given me, and look forward to whatever is in store ahead.

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Aw, I miss you so much. You are so beautiful and sweet to me. I have to say, though, turning 30 this year kind of hit me. And I do start to analyze myself a little more. I seriously hope I don’t get that memory loss thing…I’ve lost enough memory and I am going crazy.

Comment by Joy

I think when you have several kids at home – that you have so much to think about and so much to do that you get this way. This too will pass.


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