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May 7, 2010, 1:57 am
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There have been many days in the last 14 or so years since my mom died that I have cried out in grief to my God and begged for His mercy on the lives of her children (myself included).

I do not question God’s goodness, because I know that I am short-sighted and VERY human and HE is GOD alone.  Other people have looked at my life, and my family’s life and asked me how it makes sense.  How does a woman survive every form of abuse, unemployment, other tragedies and still say she believes in a loving God?

She survives because her heart knows and loves the God who created her – the God who knows best what she needs, and she trusts Him to give it. (Psalm 139) If for a season (even an entire earthly lifetime) that means heartache and grief, even physical pain, she accepts it.  I accept it with a heart of faith in a God who makes no mistakes.

So tonight, I write this blog as a tribute to a survivor women who I have a special respect for recently as she reaches a height of success that even she thought was impossible a few years ago.  My little sister Risa is one of the most beautiful women I know, and she is more radiant to me because of the valleys I have seen her walk through, and the beauty that has spilled out of her in the process.

She graduates from high school very soon, and heads to college.  She has received academic and artistic honors, she looks like my mother, and she is one of the most fun women to be around.  She laughs easily and has a heart that no one would imagine has been through what it has been through.  She is evidence of grace.  Which is appropriate, you see, our mother and father hoped that would mark her, and gave her that as a middle name.

So, here’s to you, Risa Grace, may you grow in grace  and may this be the beginning of some of the sweetest days of your life. . .may you grow to love Jesus more and more as your days go by!

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I haven’t had the privilege of meeting Risa, but if she’s anything at all that the other Ahlgren women, she’s amazing. I miss my dear friend Linda so much and wish she could be here to see what fantastic children and grandchildren she has. This is a beautiful photo and tribute to your little sis.

Comment by Wendy

Your Mom was a great person. She was such an inspiration to me in so many ways. I miss her friendship. I know if she was here today she would be busting at the seams with pride. I think I got to meet Risa once when she was just a little baby. She is a beautiful girl and very blessed to have had siblings like you. You are a special family and you’re right God has seen you through even the unexplainable things.

Comment by Audrey

The first day I met Risa was when she flew into Minneapolis and joined the church youth group for Acquire the Fire. She looked tired and sad. I thought, “What a brave, brave girl to move in with people she didn’t know and so far from home.” I have had the joy and priviledge to watch Risa transform from one that looked to be in a coccoon to a beautiful butterfly. She is a great addition to our church. She is a great artist and she has worked so hard to rise the level of her academics. She has accomplished much and God has truly done a work in her life! To God be the Glory!

~ Janet Brandli (WI Pastor’s Wife & Friend)

Comment by Janet

Of coarse this brought tears to my eyes. God is good and thank you for reminding us of that! Congratulations Risa…I am so proud of you…all my love!!

Comment by kelly

Risa is beautiful. I remember when she was just a little girl. Your mom was (is)a special woman and I know she would be so proud of all of you. Love and miss you, Cassie

Comment by Cassie

When we were in Fayetteville right before Lumina was born I was so happy to be able to spend time with Risa. I cried when I first saw her as a young adult, she looked so much like her wonderful mother Linda. As I talked with Risa I asked her to tell me everything she could remember about her mother. She said she had memories of Linda reading stories to her and hearing Linda’s heart beating as Risa was laying her head against her mother’s chest. I felt blessed to spend a little time with Risa. God Bless all of the women who have stepped in to help Risa on her path to adulthood. Linda would be so proud of her! I love you Adina, thank you for your loving heart!

Comment by Louann

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