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Give Me My Pot!
May 1, 2010, 1:16 am
Filed under: Funny, Merry

I know some of you think I’m earthy/hippie/oatmeal-cookie-kind-of-girl . . . well, I’ve met someone who beats me in that department.  My daughter.

For Easter Merry got a bright pink watering can in her Easter basket (see her picture in the pictures a few posts ago) so she could help me with my gardening.  She calls it her “pot” no matter how many times I tell her it’s a watering can like mommy’s.  Why say “watering can” when you can just say “pot,” right?  So, as we are getting out of the car the other day at the garden, she says to Elijah very loudly, “Get me my pot, I NEEEEEED my POT!!!”

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Oh My! She’s a hoot! Thanks for the laugh, I needed one this week!

Love y’all,

Comment by Ian, Whitney, Hannah, Chloe, and Jackson

Oh, Merry! How I love you!

Comment by Whitney Walker Alexander

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