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Caskey Family Schedule
April 19, 2010, 1:18 am
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I have taken a break from blogging lately as I delve into the real world of being a mommy, wife and other things I have been doing.  Just for fun, and as a form of excuse for not blogging, I thought I would post our family schedule for history’s sake:

Sunday: Our FAVORITE day of the week. . .Sunday school, church, visiting with friends, lunch outside if it is warm enough, quiet time and naps, studying, then back to church for evening service and children’s choir practice.

Monday: Laundry day, playdate with Madison and her mommy usually, lunch, a little school, quiet time, playing outside, Jeremy goes to class or studies from about 9-5 and in the evening when I go to our friends’ house for my Arabic lessons.

Tuesday: School, going to the community garden to work, Jeremy again has lots of classes today and studies in between, then comes home in the afternoon around 4 to take Merry and Elijah to motor skills class up at the seminary.  After dinner and baths, Jeremy studies more and I lead the ladies’ Bible study in the book of Joshua.

Wednesday: Some school, lunch, Jeremy usually writes papers or works on projects on this day in his office or at the library, I may do some grocery shopping, playing outside if it is warm, in the afternoon we have an early dinner then head out to AWANA with little William, and the Nepali Bible study that Jeremy teaches at church.  I do child care for that with Micah. . .late bedtimes for the children by the time we get home, but it is sweet because we have been with the Body of Christ!

Thursday: Hopefully some school with the children, a field trip, playdates, playing outside, or working at the garden, another heavy class day for Jeremy, dinner and more studying for Jeremy as I head to Seminary Wives’ Institute for my class for the evening.

Friday: Hopefully some housecleaning, prep for weekend activities if we have them, if Jeremy is heading to Reserves, we prepare to be car-less for the weekend.  In the afternoon Jeremy takes the afternoon off from studying and plays with the children so I can have a half-day off.  I get errands done, study, read, meet with friends or catch up on things I haven’t been able to do all week.  Usually in the evening we do something with friends.

Saturday: Every week is different.  Fun things, time with each other and Jeremy studies minimally, so this day is precious!  In the evening, we prepare for church, taking baths and setting out clothes so Sunday morning is smooth.


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aw! i love seeing your schedule! it definitly makes me miss all of our playdates even more! please know that you’re thought of and prayed for often! i miss you and your precious family soooooooooooooooo much! you guys are irreplaceable – one-of-a-kind special friends!

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