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Homeschooling Philosophies and Approaches
August 8, 2009, 1:21 am
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As I prepare for this upcoming school year, and in response to some questions I have gotten lately, I found a link to a website that outlines some common homeschooling approaches.

We desire for our children to love learning, love reading, and to “gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12).  We want to challenge each of our children where they each are intellectually and educationally.

If we had to be pinned down, I think we would fall under the Charlotte Mason approach for the preschool years, with some Literature-Based and Classical leanings.  We think we will transition into more of a Classical approach as the children grow.

Much Needed PICTORAL Update
August 6, 2009, 11:29 am
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With a little peer pressure from one of my new friends who has not regressed to the puny blog-replacement of Facebook, and encouragement from Jeremy (see post below) here are some photos from the last few weeks and months:


Some of our new friends eating kettle corn with us on the front porch (Thanks Uncle David and Aunt Katelyn for the Whirly-Pop!)


Micah, Merry and two of Merry’s little friends (within weeks of each others’ ages!) on the “lawn” (several yards square) in front of our apartment.


Beauty and the Micah


Giving Micah a “FISS” It is beautiful to see the sweet relationship developing between them!  Elijah and Micah are buddies and play together, but Micah adores Merry and she says she’s his “little Mommy.”


Music class in the Caskey house (it’s noisy!)


All three actually looking at the camera!!  I don’t care if it’s off-center, they are all looking, so it’s a TERRIFIC picture!


All of us and Great-Grandma Davis in Pittsburgh


One of our favorite past times in Pittsburgh – the ICEE BALL MAN!!


Us and the Greenwells at the Louisville Slugger factory and museum.  At the end of the tour they gave us these free toddler-size clubs that they refer to as “souvenir bats.”  Thanks people.


Jeremy’s birthday, he’s 31!  He was dying to get the children a few things, so Merry got some princess figurines and Elijah got the new Picture Bible New Testament and Bible Man figures.


Micah, the big boy, sitting in his big-boy high chair eating REAL people food!  He’ll be 9 months old tomorrow.

A Much needed update
August 5, 2009, 11:50 am
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Jeremy writes,
We must apologize profusely in the long delay in updating the blog. It has been too long. Since we last posted I finished three classes for Summer semester: Christian Philosophy, Family Ministry, and Personal Spiritual Disciplines. My typical workload for each class consisted of reading and writing papers (14 books read this last month totaling nearly 3,000 pages), with work hours from 9am to 4pm, with family time in between, and then back to work from 8pm til almost midnight.

Adina and the children adjusted to our new neighborhood well. The children have made many new friends, enjoying neighborhood hikes, bike riding (Elijah is now tearing up his Big Wheel), and occasional picnics and walks around seminary. I like taking them up to the Lifeway bookstore for me to do a little browsing while they watch Veggie Tales in the children’s section.

Adina has started her own ‘word-of-mouth’ food business, making dinners for people in surrounding neighborhoods. We are trying it out slowly and can only handle so many, so we’ve not resorted to advertising. This has helped offset our costs as we adjust to a smaller income and my G.I. Bill (which pays for housing, internet, water, school, and books, with some money left over for food).

We also spent several days in Pittsburgh visiting my parents. The kids enjoyed the water park, Pap’s church, and many other activities with Grandma and Pap.

We were also blessed to have most of our Omaha friends visit: Ian and Whitney in June (who’s twins we got to see for the first time), and Sam and Jenny in late July.

I start school in a week and a half with four classes, New Testament I, Ethics, Systematic Theology I, and Greek. I’m enjoying working ahead learning the Greek alphabet and cutting my teeth on translating words. Adina is going to get me my first Greek New Testament tomorrow so I can start doing some translating for practice.

Speaking of tomorrow, I am elated to have the opportunity to visit my brother Josh tomorrow. We will be heading to a military adventure camp in Birmingham, AL for 3 days. I will have to post again soon with pictures and hound my poor busy wife to update every now and again. For those who’d like to stroll down memory lane, you can always peruse the archives. I did that myself, earlier tonight and was reminded of God’s many rich blessings. I was also encouraged to not let this discipline of blogging fall by the wayside.