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Is Today National Embarrass Your Mommy Day?
August 25, 2009, 1:08 am
Filed under: Elijah, family news, Funny, Merry

On an excursion today to the seminary with some neighbors and the children, we passed a nice shaded bench with a lady student studying quietly seated there.  After we pass the bench, Elijah stops, turns around, points to the bench and says “Look, Mommy, it’s a bench!”  Nothing wrong with that sentence right?  Nothing wrong except the pronunciation!  Elijah replaces the “n” in “bench” with a “t.”  So I say VERY LOUDLY hoping the lady hears me “Yes, Elijah, it’s a BENNNNCH!!

Only a few minutes later on the walk, another of our neighbors joins us on our walk.  Suddenly, without any warning, Merry and Elijah pick a tree next to the road to stop at and drop their pants.  Both my neighbors are trying to stifle their laughter (I’m assuming because they are RELIEVED it’s NOT THEIR CHILDREN DOING THIS!) Elijah goes to the backside of the tree (as we have trained him in for an emergency such as this) and of course pees.  Merry is just standing there on the front side of the tree, with her pants around her ankles.  Bare bum showing to all the cars driving into the entrance of the seminary.  As I pull up Merry’s pants, I ask her if she needed to go potty, she says, “no” in a very matter-of-fact way.  Come on!  If you are going to drop your drawers in public, at least have a good reason!

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OK, that is the funniest story I have heard all day! Thanks for the much needed laughs! 🙂

Comment by Deb Parsons

Deb, you know you are laughing because they aren’t YOUR responsibility! I can’t wait to hear your stories like this in a few years!

Comment by icaskey

🙂 I’m not laughing… just stifling a giggle. Don’t worry you’re not the only one whose kids have relieved themselves in public. I have a friend who did it at his mom’s high school reunion, and someone was kind enough to point it out and announce whose kid it was! At least your audience was fairly small! Thanks for sharing your embarrassing stories!!!!! Love ya!

Comment by ( : DavidandKateand... : )

Thanks for the smile this morning!!!

Comment by Rachel

Oh, Caskey Family, thank you for a great chuckle! Chris and I so enjoyed this story. 🙂 Hope y’all are doing well! Miss you!

Sarah and Chris Mitchell

Comment by Sarah

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