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Why Adina and I love Special Agent Oso
August 16, 2009, 9:15 pm
Filed under: Elijah, Merry

Jeremy writes,
We are new to the cable television scene.  In fact, in eleven years of marriage we’ve never been cable subscribers.  The seminary has cable included as part of the rent, so we’ve tested the waters.  I am personally excited to have the opportunity to watch every Steeler game with both ESPN and NFL Network.  Other than the aforementioned perk we have only watched a couple of shows in the morning on Playhouse Disney.  The kids are avid fans of “Little Einsteins” and “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.”  The little ditty’s and theme songs are regular numbers in our household.

But Adina and I have an affinity for the bear of little brain, “Special Agent Oso.”  It’s not quite up their with the classical music and art fare of “Little Einsteins”, but it has generated some interesting behavior in the children.  Unlike the honey junkie, Pooh (another stuffed bear of little brain), Special Agent Oso gets his kicks going on missions to teach kids to do household chores and other tasks on their own.  Since watching this show Elijah is taking his own initiative in brushing his teeth (without being asked) and doing other household chores, “just like Agent Oso.”  Anything that gets my kids interested in housework has me on board.  Adina and I look at each other and laugh when the kids help out and point out that they’re doing just like Special Agent Oso does.

The show is voiced by Sean Astin, the actor who portrayed the lovable Samwise Gamgi from “Lord of the Rings.”  If you have young children (and more to the point, cable) check it out.


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thats awesome. now if that would just work for us adults!

Comment by Jennifer

That’s neat! Amazing that there’s a tv show out there that promotes child labor ;)! And it’s even better that the kids find it enjoyable! 🙂 We’re praying for you guys! Enjoy class tomorrow!!!!!

Comment by ( : DavidandKateand... : )

We love Agent Oso and watch it daily – mostly because the babies get up before 6 am and I am not quite functioning yet! All three love the Disney morning programs – I’m grateful for the hour my babies will watch TV – that extra rest makes a world of difference! Welcome to the cable world! Hannah has learned a ton from good television!

Comment by Ian, Whitney, Hannah, Chloe, and Jackson

If we had cable, we would totally check it out. Samwise is my favorite! And glad you are getting this extra perk at seminary – that was our first cable adventure as well, for the same reason. 😉 I’m sure you will enjoy all the football games. We have taken an alternative to getting all our football games this year – watching them on The quality isn’t the best, but it is fun to project it up onto the wall with our video projector. Certainly better than our 27″ tv. 😉

Comment by Joy

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