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Much Needed PICTORAL Update
August 6, 2009, 11:29 am
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With a little peer pressure from one of my new friends who has not regressed to the puny blog-replacement of Facebook, and encouragement from Jeremy (see post below) here are some photos from the last few weeks and months:


Some of our new friends eating kettle corn with us on the front porch (Thanks Uncle David and Aunt Katelyn for the Whirly-Pop!)


Micah, Merry and two of Merry’s little friends (within weeks of each others’ ages!) on the “lawn” (several yards square) in front of our apartment.


Beauty and the Micah


Giving Micah a “FISS” It is beautiful to see the sweet relationship developing between them!  Elijah and Micah are buddies and play together, but Micah adores Merry and she says she’s his “little Mommy.”


Music class in the Caskey house (it’s noisy!)


All three actually looking at the camera!!  I don’t care if it’s off-center, they are all looking, so it’s a TERRIFIC picture!


All of us and Great-Grandma Davis in Pittsburgh


One of our favorite past times in Pittsburgh – the ICEE BALL MAN!!


Us and the Greenwells at the Louisville Slugger factory and museum.  At the end of the tour they gave us these free toddler-size clubs that they refer to as “souvenir bats.”  Thanks people.


Jeremy’s birthday, he’s 31!  He was dying to get the children a few things, so Merry got some princess figurines and Elijah got the new Picture Bible New Testament and Bible Man figures.


Micah, the big boy, sitting in his big-boy high chair eating REAL people food!  He’ll be 9 months old tomorrow.


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WOW I can’t believe how grown up Micah is looking! And his red hair is really growing in…so cute!!! Glad to see you all have made some great friends already. We miss you, but are so happy for you too! 🙂

Comment by Heather

I was so excited to see your photo updates! I can’t believe how much the little ones have grown! So glad that everything is going well for you all! You are missed here though!

Comment by Angie Gottsch

I enjoyed the update. The kids are so sweet. Adina, Merry looks so much like you in Beauty and the Micah, little Josh says, ahh, he is sooo cute! Elijah is growing, what blessings you have. We love you!

Comment by kelly caskey

Goodie goodie! Pictures! It’s so awesome to see so many too!!! The kids have matured a lot since we last saw them! Mrs. Owen commented that you guys make some great looking babies, and we must agree!!! 😉 You and Jeremy are looking wonderful too!!!
We’re praying for you and love you much!

Comment by ( : DavidandKateand... : )

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