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Saving Money. . .a few links
June 8, 2009, 11:31 am
Filed under: Adina, Once a Month Cooking, Saving Money, Seminary

I just came across a few neat links that I hope will save us some money and time this week. . .thought I’d pass them on to any of you who might be interested:

1. K-Mart doubling coupons THIS WEEK ONLY up to $2.00!

2. Coupon and sale ad comparison site that is FREE (some charge, but this one isn’t as extensive. . .but it’s free)

3. Find recipes for under $1 a serving by using the search criteria “main dish” and putting the dollar amount in at the bottom of the page. . .I like that they have the nutrition information there too!

If any of you have more links you use on a regular basis, please comment with them so they can be included!

UPDATE: More links from my good friend DEB!!! (isn’t free, but I get stuff free, or really cheap and stock up!)

Just a few of my faves! And of course craigslist!

ADDED 6/28/2009  One more site that compares coupons and stores to get you items for free or almost free. . . and lots of up-to-date deals!