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The sheep with an “owwie”
February 13, 2009, 12:52 am
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Jeremy writes,
Most nights we read the bible to the kids before bed.  A new favorite, and one that we highly recommend is The Big Picture Bible, which has lots of illustrations and weaves the story of redemption (the big picture) throughout the Bible.  A couple of weeks ago we read about Jesus at the Temple and the children were particularly struck by, if not a little concerned, by a lamb sacrificed on the altar – for which they call, “The sheep with an owwie.” 

After we finish each night, they want to see ‘the sheep with an owwie’ and we talk about it.  I try not to squander this opportunity in telling them about the sacrificial system that preceded Christ’s ultimate sacrifice, and why we no longer need these sheep, because we have the Lamb that was slain once and for all.  I try to tell it as simply as possible, but can’t help thinking that all of this is a little over their heads.  Once again, we as parents, fail to realize the potential our children have to not only understand, but also articulate it. 

Elijah told me tonight that “we no give sheep ‘owwies’ (any)more … for Jesus owwie.”  Merry said in all her cute raspy-ness, “Thank you for the sheep.”  I too am thankful that Christ once and for all paid it all, and am thankful that I can tell it to my children, and elated to hear them articulate it back.