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The car is alive, with the sound of children
February 9, 2009, 1:42 am
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Jeremy here,
Elijah and Merry both love to listen to “The Sound of Music” any and every time we ride in the car.  Elijah has elected himself both the choirmaster and dictator of this little opus. 

Elijah plays the part of Maria, giving himself most of the songs.  Daddy gets the parts of Ralf and Christopher Plummer.  Merry is the eldest daughter, the nuns, and any other female child.  If Adina would work harder or take better direction from her three year old, perhaps she too will someday get a part.  If Merry dares to sing any other part other than those Elijah has picked for her she is sharply rebuked.  Merry often likes to sing Maria’s lines.  Likewise, if she misses her cue, Elijah impatiently commands her to sing.  All that is missing is Phantom of the Opera’s “(sing) angel of music!” 

I thoroughly enjoy this little interplay, but Adina is a bit concerned in letting it continue.  If this is all the children have to quarrel over, then it is my opinion that we’re in pretty good shape.  Of course, I was once the self-elected dictator of my own sibling group, so what do I know.  “Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, till you find your dream!”

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that is so funny! and i loved reading this post. and i was the dicator for my brother until he got old enough to tell me he didn’t want me to be anymore. and then he still wanted me to do things for him, but only the ones he wanted me to do! infact i had to take the check for the lunch tickets until i graduated and then he learned to do it by himself!

Comment by Jennifer

Hi Jeremy,
I guess your eyes are better if you are doing blog writing. Hope you aren’t having pain. You sure were the dictator! And when you left, Joe took over. I still remember when he was driving across country and I would say, “Oh, let’s stop at Mammoth Caves” and he would answer, “We’re not stopping! We’ll never get there!” As if he was the dad! You weren’t quite that bad. We enjoyed singing in the car with Elijah and Merry when you were here. Pretty soon Micah will be singing too. I have some pictures in the mail for you. Call us when you get home.
We love you, Mom

Comment by Debbie Caskey

Hope you guys are enjoying the musical drive back home! We really miss you guys already- poor Stuka is looking all over for Merry! I will enjoy that leftover chili tonight, and may actually have become a fan of Cinci chili, scary thought! 🙂 Thank you for the gift card- you guys really really shouldn’t have, but I am sure we will load up on lots of fizzy water with it! Love and miss ya’ll!

Comment by Deb Parsons

you need to film this, I would really enjoy seeing it!!! Kiss them all for me, we miss them so much, you guys too!!!

Comment by kelly caskey

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