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Toddler Road Trip
January 30, 2009, 12:59 am
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Anyone who sets out on one needs to get their head examined. And those who think it would be a “fun vacation” are even more delusional! I would know. . . here we are on a “fun vacation” that will include over 30 hours of car time by the time we are done.


I HAD to blog about our day. Of course I have to start with how our day yesterday ended. Yesterday, somehow, a section of the trip that we thought would take 15 minutes ended up to be over two hours of winding through the mountains. . . all the while we are promising the children that when we stop (in just a little bit, of course!) we would swim at the big indoor water park. When we get there, we find out that we would have to fork out over $50 more for the park admission. Nice. The children are crying in the car and mom is crying at the front desk and dad is ready to choke us all because we are all crying. Even nicer.

We did get good sleep last night, praise the Lord, and Jeremy was hoping to get on the road by 8:00 A.M. after breakfast at this big pancake place. By 9:30 or so we finally get out of the parking lot of the hotel. Skip the pancakes, we’ll eat cereal in ziplock baggies , milk in sippie cups on the road, and fruit snacks for our vitamin C for the day.

Of course we HAVE to get out of the parking lot without looking at and agreeing on directions for the day because we are in a hurry. We go right out of the parking lot, and after 5 minutes, decide to turn around and go back, past the hotel into the little town. When we get into town we stop for directions (finally.) We are told to go back past our hotel, past where we drove already, and we will get to the highway we are hoping to get to. When we are about 45 miles or so from our hotel (almost two hours later!) Merry throws up everything all over herself and her carseat. Elijah tries not to look, Jeremy pulls over and tries not to throw up himself.  I Lysol everything, Jeremy fills up with gas, I change Merry, clean her carseat with babywipes and we are on the road again.

We stop for lunch, and of course we have to have vomit session number two a little while down the road. This time JEREMY is in the back seat. All I see in the rearview mirror is him holding a blanket in front of Merry sort of shielding himself from the onslaught of partially digested KFC and milk. Stop again, air out the car (it’s below freezing). Elijah declines an offer to use the bathroom. On the road again. 20 minutes down the road “I need to go peepee.” Pull over and pick to use the ONE gas station that doesn’t have a working bathroom. So since Elijah HAS to go, I give him a little privacy at the back of the gas station with my winter jacket and let him do his thing, as two trucks pull up, and from what I can hear, some kind of “transaction” takes place. . .in broad daylight with lots of people around.

A few hours later we arrive to the AFB where Jeremy is getting his lasik done, and he asks if we can go to the hospital just so he knows where to go check in in the morning. We drive the 2 minutes out of the way and pass the military hotel. They already told us they were booked a few weeks ago, but we decided to go in and check. It was so close to the hospital and we just had a regular room booked off base. He comes out of the lodging office with a key to A THREE BEDROOM TEMPORARY LODGING UNIT for less than what we were going to have to pay for a regular hotel room, and right across the street from the hospital! And they have a washer and dryer so we can wash all the outfits and blankets we went through today! God is so good to us. . . crazy day, great end!