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Cleaning Off All the Germs
January 9, 2009, 1:12 am
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Today at MOPPETS (while I attended MOPS) the children learned all about germs and hygiene. They even made a HUGE germ for craft time.  Tonight I put them in the bathtub and Elijah took it upon himself as I had my back turned to pour in an entire bottle of baby shampoo. I scolded him and told him he didn’t need to use a WHOLE bottle of shampoo, just a little. He gives me the EMPTY bottle, lays down in the tub of bubbles (talk about an expensive bubble bath!) and starts washing himself in a sing song voice “washing off all the germs, washing off all the germs.” Of course I had to take a picture. . .


Here’s Micah in all his handsomeness

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Ha ha! (I can laugh because I can’t relate yet!) They’re so cute!!! What a blessing children are and you are richly blessed to have three!
We miss you all very much and are praying for you!
( : David&Katelyn : )

Comment by icaskey

i think that is so cute, that he thought he had to use the whole bottle to get rid of the germs. avary used to want to do that for awhile. so i told my mom to use the old bottle and pour just a lil bit of soap in and then add water and shake it. so she thought she was using the whole bottle and you get to save money, because they aren’t really! just an idea if the first scolding didn’t take! i miss you and the kids and hope that we can get together sometime soon!

Comment by Jennifer

Elijah, you and Merry and Micah can come to Gammas house and use whole bottles of whatever you want! We miss you so much.
Love you,
Grandma Rebecca & Mr. Mark

Comment by Grandma Rebecca

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