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Dancing Pigs in Church
January 4, 2009, 8:00 pm
Filed under: Elijah, Funny, Merry, Micah

We have been trying to work with our children to get them sitting in the church service quietly for the first half. . . and so far we’ve been doing okay, especially since we moved to the front row. Our pastor suggested this, since they are close to the music, whoever is reading, etc, and it keeps them tuned in longer than if you have them in the back (they feel like observers more than participants I guess.) Anyway, there is a “quiet box” at church with a few quiet things for them to have to occupy them. Elijah always picks this big plastic pig to hold and Merry usually gets a book.

Today as I walked them out when our pastor got up to preach, I complimented them on their good behavior: “I liked how you all sang with us during some of the songs, and Elijah, you folded your hands while we prayed and Merry, you were quiet too, most of the time. . .” at which point Elijah chimed in (holding his plastic pig up toward me) “and the pig danced for the music too!” Apparently his pig had been dancing to the worship music. . .we’ll have to keep an eye on that bovine next week, I don’t know if it’s kosher for a pig to dance in a Baptist church!