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Happy Second Birthday to Merry!
December 30, 2008, 7:15 pm
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A few pics here from our beautiful little girl’s birthday.  We are going to have her party sometime in January, but still celebrated as a family on her birth DAY (Christmas day of course!)  We praise God for our little Merry often.  She is an amazing blessing to our family!

img_38731 img_38771

A few facts about Merry:

  • She is left-handed (she is writing, eating, coloring, throwing balls, etc. ALL with her left hand)
  • Her favorite animal seems to be the chicken (hence the chicken puppet)
  • Her favorite food is pizza, broccoli, peanuts (any kind of nut) and milk (this counts as a food, because it is often a food replacement!)
  • She is endearingly called “peanut” by Jeremy and she will tell people “I’m daddy’s peanut.”
  • She enjoys having books read to her, and two of her favorites are I Like it When by Mary Murphy and The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown
  • She likes going to church, and asks to go on most days of the week
  • She can tell you Who made her and why (God, and for His glory)
  • She loves spending time with her friends Josiah, Charlie, Caroline, Julia, Grace, Jay, Jed. . .just to mention a few
  • She is the most accident prone child ever, I think. . . three falls in ONE day last week!
  • She has grown up into a very sweet spirit in our home, and brings a tenderness that only a sweet little lady can bring

It has been very warm here, certainly not white Christmas weather by any stretch!  Here is Merry helping Daddy, Uncle Johnny and Elijah wash the car!


We couldn’t leave out the birthday girl’s baby brother. . .here he is enjoying some stocking items being shared by big brother and sister:


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Happy Birthday, sweet Merry! Caroline and Charlie can’t wait to play with the birthday girl and her adorable brothers soon 🙂 Please give Mimi a big hug and smooch from all of us! Lots of love to y’all!!!

Comment by Mary

HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the GREAT things it’ll bring!

Comment by MK

i am so glad that you updated! and i am glad to learn these found facts about merry! and can’t wait to be able to see the whole family again!

Comment by Jennifer

That is so cool – Isaiah is left-handed, too. 😉 I am still trying to figure out how I’ll teach him to write…

Comment by Joy

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