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Pictures as Promised!
November 14, 2008, 5:30 pm
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I can hardly believe it. . . newborn and toddlers sleeping and having quiet time ALL TOGETHER!  This is a miracle. . .I should be sleeping, but HAD to get some pics put out here!

img_3063 img_3116 img_3127 img_3243 img_3249 img_3298img_3292 img_3309 img_3321 img_3338

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i just wanted to be the first one to comment! thanks for putting up more pics! and thanks for letting me come and visit you guys. i really got used to see you and the kids a few times a week. and really miss getting to spend time with you! love and miss you ~jennifer~

Comment by Jennifer

i just made the one of merry and micah big! and omg that is so precious. they are looking at each other 🙂

Comment by Jennifer

Wow, he is so perfect! You guys make really good looking kids! 🙂 Congrats! Let me know if you guys are coming up here for the PRK!

Comment by Deb

Oh he is beautiful!!! I LOVE the cheez-it pic. The caption needs to be “Get your own box”…if you’ve ever seen the cheez-it commercials. Corey would often tell me just that when he was eating some and I’d ask for one. That is just hysterical!
Can’t wait to meet him!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Heather

Thanks for taking the time to post more pix. He is too sweet. And Adina, you are looking great! 🙂

Comment by Joy

Love Love Love the Cheez-it picture – let me guess – Elijah was being a great big brother role model and sharing with his new best friend?? We miss you guys SO MUCH – I am so excited about Micah (a name I LOVE) and can’t wait to talk to you guys – don’t worry about being busy I know you have a lot on your plate – take your time – Ian’s Mom is here for the baby shower and we have the shower today and church tomorrow and back to work on Monday so when you can call, when you can’t don’t worry about it!!! We love ya’ll – smooch the kids for us!!! You look beautiful by the way!!!


Comment by Whitney

Wow! He is getting big!

Cute picture with the Cheez-it box! 😀

Comment by rachel

Your kids are absolutely adorable! It was really great to see Jeremy at church yesterday. Best wishes to him and his lovely family! It will be a treat for us at Unity Baptist Church to hopefully see the entire family sometime soon! Have an outrageous Thanksgiving with your family!

Comment by Lynne Morrow

Fun pictures,a and he is changing already!!! Looks like big brother and big sister are being so sweet with him. Its going to be so much fun …David and Kate were over here last night, sooo good to get them back. I hope David gets his voice back soon, it”s hindering his “spunk.” 🙂 Hope you all can get this way before Jeremy has to be off again!! Keep in touch!!

Comment by Cindy Morris

wow, adina. you are my hero. hands down, you win. thanks for being an inspiration!

Comment by nerwinski

Congratulations. What a gift from GOd. I’m glad Jer is home! Sweet pics.

Comment by janita Pavelka

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

Comment by Sarah Fruge

I love you guys! These pictures are so sweet. Elijah and Merry look like they are enjoying Micah. 🙂

We’ll be up the day after Christmas and leave on the 3rd of Jan. Will you guys be around? Katie will probably come too.

Comment by Cassie

Mommy!!! Keep daddy away from my CheezItz! They’re mine!!!! No daddy, shoo away!!! I’ll go tinkle on you!

Comment by MK

i love the letter and announcement! i just got it in the mail today! THANKS

Comment by Jennifer

Thanks so much for the pics. We really miss your growing family and the photos warm our hearts. Micah is precious and so blessed to be in your family. May God bless each of you with His unmeasurable GRACE, His unfathomable LOVE, and His unending MERCY. Big Mwahs from down under,
Grandma Rebecca and Mr. Mark

Comment by Grandma Rebecca

Got the pic and announcement today- how beautiful! Was great to get that in snail mail! 🙂 Love you guys!

Comment by Deb

He is so gorgeous, but how could he not be! Congratulations! I wish we lived closer…

Comment by Angela

Congratulations, Adina and Jeremy! The last time we emailed was in Feb. before Jeremy’s deployment. You have been a very busy lady! I am glad that your family is all together. What a beautiful family you have! Your mom would be so proud of you, Adina. You are a wonderful mother. Reading your blog and seeing the pictures brings back happy memories for me when my kids were little. I will try not to wait six months to catch up with you on your blog next time. Kiss the babies for me.
debbie richardson

Comment by debbie r.

I enjoyed your Christmas letter and picture–thanks for sending it out! I hope to see you at Christmas time–Tim and his wife Lydia, Katie and Nara and my grandma will all be coming.

Comment by Cassie

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