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Fun Milestones for Jeremy
October 10, 2008, 11:32 am
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Just a quick note to say that Jeremy finished his last official mission and has packed his camera equipment up to begin his long journey home.  This does not mean he will be home quickly, however, it does mean that the process is started.  He has some things to stop and get done on his way out of the sandbox.  Please pray for travel safety and minimal delays as we anticipate a sweet reunion!

I know many of you have prayed for us regularly, and we are so grateful to you and to our Great God who has heard your prayers and shown us so much mercy during this separation!

I’m hoping to do an update blog on the children soon with some pictures.

Kicking Into High Gear
October 6, 2008, 2:09 am
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We are on a bit of a countdown for Jeremy’s return now, so my list of things to do has grown all of a sudden.  Keeping me very busy, and trying not to be too stressed.  We are down to a matter of a few weeks, which is just amazing!

I think the baby “dropped” this afternoon. . .meaning he probably is in the good position ready to deliver whenever that time comes.  This doesn’t mean he’s going to arrive soon, since both my children got ready to go pretty early as well.  He gets hiccups a lot, and the other day Elijah felt him and told him “you can’t come out yet, you have to wait for Daddy to come home!”  Merry now says “I lub you,” so sweet to me and Elijah and Jeremy when we get to see him on the web camera.

My brother David and his Katelyn are going to have a wedding this Saturday, October 11 in Blanchard, Oklahoma. . .SO EXCITING, though we won’t be able to go for obvious reasons!!

Beth and her husband got orders to Fort Bragg, NC, so she will be only four hours away or so.  Her husband is about to start Airborne school, and has finished basic training and technical school very successfully.  He had such high grades that he was given an extra stripe after technical school!  So proud of how well he has done!

Another person doing very well with grades is my sister RISA!!!  She has all A’s and A+’s in all her classes!!!  So impressed with her!  She’s also working as a waitress at a little diner in the small town she lives in, and has been saving her money. . .and learning a lot about multi-tasking she says.

My sister Roseann also just told me that she is pregnant with number two – also VERY exciting news!  It has been a week of announcements it seems in my family.

Bunny Milk and Birth Center Visit

Here is a quick tour (given by the owner and my midwife) of the delivery suites at the Charleston Birth Place where we hope to have our son in several weeks.

Elijah calls Nesquick chocolate milk “bunny milk” because it has a picture of the Nesquick rabbit on the label.  This is a HUGE special treat in our house!  They were really good for the majority of the midwife appointment, we had to have a little reward. . . a quick trip to the park and “bunny milk.”