The Caskey Family

Blessings Beyond Comprehension
October 16, 2008, 6:20 pm
Filed under: Deployment

Though this separation has been hard, I have continually been shown God’s grace, mercy and rich blessings in the most unusual ways.  Sometimes they are spiritual blessings, sometimes they are physical blessings.  Today was no exception.  I have been trying to get a little touchup paint for some scuffs and scratches on the walls as I prepare for Jeremy’s return.  Our black chairs somehow ALWAYS end up against the wall, and leave their irremovable marks there.

After multiple calls over the last few weeks to the housing, maintanence and contracters office to at least find out the name of the paint so I could get a little can, I finally talked with the housing manager today.  He took my information and about two hours later, a PAINT CREW showed up at my door to paint my walls themselves!!  20 minutes later the walls in my house with the worst marks were perfectly white and I had a little disposible container of the paint for any other scuffs or marks I found later or were on other walls.

Talk about God providing and blessing beyond what I could ever ask or imagine!!  I’m still in shock!