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I Lub You Yiyah. . .
October 15, 2008, 11:38 am
Filed under: Elijah, Merry

Last night as Elijah and I put Merry to bed:

“Goodnight Merry, I love you,” I tell her as I kissed her on the hand (she loves this and sometimes will hold out her second hand so it doesn’t miss out on a kiss!  Elijah runs around the side of her toddler bed and kisses her on her hair, “Goodnight Merry,” running out the door to his room.

“I lub you Yiyah (Elijah)” she says.

“Awww, Elijah, did you hear her, she said she loves you!”  He pops his head back into her bedroom,

“I love you too, Mimi.”  Both go back to their sippy cups contentedly.

These are the moments that make me ABSOLUTELY sure that Mommyhood is the best career this side of heaven!