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MOPS and Other Fun

We have been a part of MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) now for the second year, hosted by our church and the children LOVE going, and have so much fun and I get a chance to visit with other moms and enjoy mommy debrief time. I gave the program leaders for Elijah and Merry’s class my camera and told them to have fun with it. . .and here is the results with a few additional pictures of life around the house as well.

Merry is on the right in the back in the aqua shirt

Elijah is on the far back left in the red shirt

This picture of Elijah and Merry together makes me wonder if they were having a little time out. . .but very funny if the teachers sat them together like that, and I wonder if they would take a picture of a time out too??  I’ll just have to ask!  The last picture of course is Merry and Josiah Coronado, Josiah playing it cool.

Aunt Tammy’s last day in town before she headed to Iraq.  She is one of Jeremy’s replacements (for his group) and took some hugs from each of us to give to him.  She came over to see us and I asked her if she wanted to play playdough with Elijah and Merry.  She did, and they worked so hard and this was the result of over an hour or so of play (talk about attention span!!)  Elijah looks so serious, like he had just completed a major project.  If you read this Tammy, we love and miss you and are praying for you!

Elijah’s “friends” as he calls them, all lined up. I find them lined up all over the house, on the couch, watching a movie with him, here, doing who knows what. . .he asked me to take a picture of him and his friends, so here it is!

I intended to take a picture of his new haircut for Jeremy to see, but he had this fun crown on that he made at MOPS, and I loved his eyes in this picture, that I had to include it.

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I have read it and I love and miss you all so much. I will get to see Jeremy very soon and I will be able pass on all your hugs to him. Thanks for all your prayers. So many blessings are on the way to the Caskey family and Daddy will be home soon kids. Look after your Mommy!

Comment by Auntie Tammy

Elijah looks so much like Jeremy in that last pic.

Comment by Joy

It’s the eyes, some girl will fall in love with them some day. . .just like this one did with his Daddy!

Comment by icaskey

Very cute pictures. And thank you for the sweet comments. I will be home and snuggling you in person in less than a week … Lord willing!

Comment by Jeremy

Been thinking about you. Wondering how your Bible Study is going. I keep up with you through Kristie. Do you have a Target in your town? I don’t get out to Babies R Us much. Glad to hear that Jeremy is on his way home. Will be praying for you. Much love. Kelly

Comment by Kelly Lyle

I love those pictures! my favorite is of josiah who looks like he is playing hard to get while merry tells him how much she loves him!

i also loved the one’s of the “friends” and i love how he plays with all of them! the last few times i have been over they have had to be taken all of the house! i am suprise he doesn’t try to take them into bath time with him!

Comment by Jennifer

Oh my sweet sweet josiah such a hearthrob I know! Don’t worry mi mi only 16 more years and Only if you are both godly!

Comment by Stephanie

They werent in time out, Merry was worn out and Elijah went to sit with her. Such a sweet big brother. And I told Rick to take a picture because I thought they looked precious sitting together without being told to.

Comment by Leighton

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