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September 27, 2008, 4:57 pm
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Some fun photos we have taken recently:

Yesterday the children went and played in the mud and water, it rained a lot and they enjoyed it, Merry likes Elijah’s “BOOPS” as she calls them!  She falls over in hers, so she often ends up barefoot in the rain with her jacket on, which is fine in this warm weather (back in the 80’s today.)

Photos from Middleton Place Plantation where we romped around for a while this morning with our friends:

Check out the hair!  It poofed out like that when she turned to look when I called her!

Elijah goofing off with his friend Charlie

Merry feeding her finger to a chicken. . .yes it did get a little peck in, which was the drama of the day, but nothing serious (no mark or anything) but she won’t be doing that again, I hope!

Elijah and Charlie taking the hill!

Merry with the Ashley River behind her

All of us!  Caroline, Mary, Adina, Merry, Charlie and Elijah

The children with the Ashley River behind them

Sitting on the branch of an old oak tree that scoops near the ground.

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It looks like such a good time. The kids looks so cute. I’ll be home soon enough to enjoy fun things like that. Charleston looks beautiful. I can’t wait to re-explore what was practically our new home when I left in February. Adina also told me that Merry was commenting later on that the “chicken bite me.” I could just hear her – so cute.

Comment by Jeremy

great pictures! how impressive that you got a picture of all 4 kids sitting at the same time! looks like a lot of fun on a beautiful day!

Comment by Heather

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