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Gifts of Babies
September 20, 2008, 1:31 am
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How amazing that God chooses to bless some of us with the sweet gifts of babies!  Sometimes they are difficult to train, but often they are fun to watch, they make me laugh and teach me more than I ever expected.

I love this video of Merry and Elijah, I remember doing this with my siblings.  I have been so impressed with Elijah’s creativity lately, the things he comes up with to do or new ways to do things.  No one ever taught him that he could give (or get) a ride on a blanket like this, I don’t think.  One day he comes out of his room dragging Merry on a blanket and she is loving it!

As our third child, and second little boy grows, he is responding more and more to the children.  Merry wants to share her stickers with him and I often will be out in public and notice a sticker still stuck on the belly of my shirt.  There’s no doubt that I’m a mommy of toddlers!

Both children talk about when he will arrive and talk to him about it, “come out soon little brother. . .get big so you can get out!”  They don’t have too much longer to wait, perhaps, with tomorrow being our 32 week mark.  (check out the link for a 3-D picture and details about the 32nd week of pregnancy)

Today I asked Merry what we should name her brother when he comes out, and she says something I can’t really make out, but Elijah who’s playing nearby obviously understood something she said and says back to her, “no, ‘dat’s not his name. . .his name be Micah and Christian.”  Okay!!  Are all three-year-olds this opinionated?  Jeremy, I promise I’m not brainwashing them while you’re gone!

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What cuties! Thanks for updating the blog. We started so good at the beginning of this month with a blog nearly every day the first week and have both slown down as the month’s gone by. Sorry to those who check daily looking for an update.

Comment by Jeremy

Jeffrey loved this video! It’s great to watch your kids grow up. They obviously get along so well!

Comment by jenise

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