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Ninight (Pacifier) Free!
September 11, 2008, 1:06 am
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Before Jeremy left, I had three developmental/training tasks for us while he was gone – I thought they were ambitious, but I wanted all of them done before he returned and well before a new baby arrived. They were: potty train Elijah, get Merry trained in the big girl bed and become 100% pacifier-free. . . here are some videos showing the completion of the FINAL task. . .very simple, actually, and without too much fussing either (God is gracious to us!)

Day ONE: pacifiers “broken” (snipped by mommy, as suggested by the pediatrician)

Day TWO: Reward for waking up without the pacifiers and being content – no fits at all!

Day THREE: Throwing pacifiers away, Merry so uninterested in them that she wasn’t even in the room – we invited her to help us, but she kept playing where she was.

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Bigtime congrats! Not only on this, but on all 3 of your ambitious goals. It certainly gave you something to focus on, and don’t you feel good now that they’re all accomplished? Go treat yourself to something, Adina! You deserve it. 🙂

Comment by Joy

SUPERMOM!!!!!! You are simply amazing and your children are even more remarkable! 3 days and no big deal on the “ninight”, I envy you! Praise the Lord that Gavin doesn’t have one, since Haley’s experience was blog worthy for over a week! Congrats Momma!

Comment by Heather

“Woohoo”!!!!! That’s great! It’s so nice to achieve a desired goal….. or three! What a delight to see the fruit of your labors!( : Brings to mind Galations 6:9!: )
I so enjoy watching these videos of Elijah and Merry! I love and miss you all very much and am praying for you lots! May you have a super blessed evening!

Comment by .....Prayin' fer ya.....

Charlie and I just watched these ADORABLE videos! Charlie was cheering encouragement to Elijah and Merry as if they could hear him. My favorite part was when Elijah very matter of factly and in his “wise beyond his years” manner stated at the end that they sucked them too much so he was throwing them away. Hey, count that whole experience as a “cause and effect” mini-lesson plan and check off that learning objective(: Woo-hoo!!!

Comment by Mary

Praise the Lord! I really enjoyed these videos and how mature and accepting Elijah and Merry both were (for the most part) of letting their little dependency go. It is a testament of how good you are doing in training their heart, not just their behavior.

Comment by Jeremy

So proud of you Adina! Yay! You are doing so good and isn’t it so sweet for your husband to comment like he did. I can’t wait to see you 2 together again PLUS 3!!

Comment by Stephanie

I’m a little confused about the compliments I have gotten regarding this accomplishment. . .I wasn’t the one with the ninight here, people! This post was about how EASY it was that this happened . . .I didn’t DO anything but snip the pacifiers, the rest happened on its’ own, by the GRACE OF GOD! So. . .praise GOD that it all happened that easily, and thank you all for the compliments. Funny little update: Elijah asked to see the video of him throwing his pacifier away and of the first time he had it when it was “broken” and watched them over and over and over. He smiled through each one as they played, I was a little concerned we might have a relapse, but we haven’t!

Comment by icaskey

These were precious videos, Adina, and I love hearing your voice in the background.

That sourcream video was so funny!

Love you guys!

Comment by Cassie

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