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September 5, 2008, 7:37 am
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Jeremy writes,
I took the liberty of adding a link to my videos out here in the field, off to the left under “Links”.  So if you would like to keep up with what I’m doing, check it out.  One video of particular interest to anyone who has sons (I know Charlie Von Rosenburg would enjoy this video) is the Iraqi SWAT Close Quarters Battle Training.  Elijah watched it several times, and kept asking to see it again, and talked about it, and asked questions each time.  So from now on, if you want to click on that link off to the left under “Links” every few days, you should be able to see any videos that they have added of what I’m doing.  Enjoy!

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Thanks Babes! That’s a great idea!

Comment by Adina

WOW, 9 video’s and I am sooo behind the times! I looked a week or so ago and didn’t see anything, maybe I looked wrong. U R THE MAN.

Comment by MK

Mike, And those are just the ones that were released. As you know, not everything is released.

Comment by Jeremy

I can not even begin to tell y’all how much Charlie has enjoyed watching Elijah’s daddy’s soldiers! Charlie voiced a few concerns and thoughts while watching the videos: 1.) Why did some of the soldiers only get water bottles instead of guns – He thought that only having a water bottle puts them at a disadvantage in battle (; 2.) He kept asking where HIS daddy was – Why his daddy wasn’t playing/battling with Elijah’s daddy. 3.)I have only heard him refer to Jeremy as “Elijah’s Daddy.” 4.)”LET’S WATCH ELIJAH’S DADDY’S SOLDIERS AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!” That is what he says at the end everytime and then we watch it again… (; Thanks for the free entertainment –
Seriously, though Charlie has ALWAYS taken quite an interest in learning about Elijah’s daddy and looks forward to playing with Elijah and Elijah’s daddy when he returns – As Charlie would say, “It’s a boy thing, Mommy.”

Comment by Mary

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