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September 3, 2008, 10:33 pm
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Jeremy writes,
The title is a play on words for those who didn’t catch the ‘Stallonian’ cinematic reference.  Here are some photos of me out on patrol doing my job.  All of the photos are taken by my photographic counterpart, Tiffany Dusterhoft, who is pictured with me and some Iraqi SWAT trainees.  Keep us all in your prayers, especially during September, the month of Ramadan here.  Ramadan typically musters a certain amount of ‘religious fervor’ if you know what I mean.  It’s an interesting job to say the least, but I am ready to hang up my spurs and settle in at home here soon.


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I am looking at a TRUE Combat Cameraman and am very proud to call you one of my own!

Comment by MIKE

That’s my man!! Love the pictures, Jeremy! Tell Tiffany thank you for me!

Mike, thank you for your compliments of Jeremy – they mean a lot coming from you. I’d be curious about your assessment of Elijah’s photography skills so far, since you are one by trade. . . check out the previous blog “Beauty and the Photographer” At least your assessment might be good for a little laugh. For those of you who don’t know, or couldn’t tell, Mike is a former supervisor of Jeremy’s, now retired from the Air Force.

Comment by Adina

Jerebo – that’s what your Dad used to call you. And your friend Louis too. Jerebo – lets go get some dogs! Great pictures. Is that the female photographer in the group shot? Love you, Mom

Comment by Debbie Caskey

Yes, mom. That is the female photographer in the group shot. I couldn’t pass up using the name ‘Jerebo’ given the context.

Comment by Jeremy

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