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First Day of School!
September 2, 2008, 1:15 am
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Today was our first day of homeschool (officially – we have been playing school this year a little here and there) and we had a BLAST!

We started with circle time, which included prayer, three songs, introduction of two catechism questions, from the Young Children’s Catechism by Chris Schlect and Bible verse review, calendar, weather, counting, shapes, colors and a short read-aloud session. Merry participated very well with Elijah and they both seemed to really enjoy it (score!) Merry could also answer the first catechism question “GOD!” after a few tries. . . very cute! She has no idea what she’s saying, I don’t think, but Elijah was doing it, and made it look fun and Mommy clapped!

Here is our school wall in our kitchen. . .our calendar that we do counting and calendar skill on, and the Hooked on Phonics progress poster on the right of the calendar.

After circle time (took a little more than half an hour, including the read-aloud time) Elijah worked on a little art project and we talked about our catechism questions as we made the little posters to go with them. I put them in page protectors so that we can easily keep them clean and collect them into a review binder as the year progresses. Merry sat by and put stickers on her own little scrap of paper so she felt included.

This is our entire sound/letters wall, minus the last few letters, I still need to put up – this was what we “played” with so far this year with school – each letter has an object starting with the particular sound glued in the shape of the letter.

After we had a snack, Elijah completed a small section in his Hooked on Phonics Workbook, did two pages in a preschool workbook (covers all subjects, he LOVES this book!) we reviewed our numbers and worked on some counting, and ended with him playing on his own with a letter sounds bingo game from Hooked on Phonics.

Total time in school today: about 2-2.5 hours with breaks and interruptions, probably only about an hour and fifteen minutes of actual instruction.

In the afternoon while the children napped and had quiet time, I worked on our year-long goals for each area/subject and outlined our daily routine after seeing how it worked today. Lesson outlines (weekly and monthly) combined to be logs of work completion (so I don’t have to do more than check a box and we can see at a glance what we have covered or missed) still need to be completed. We will use our goals and objectives for the year as our end-of-the year evaluation or progress report, checking off achieved goals throughout the year as we go along and documenting general dates as appropriate. We will also use our year goals and objectives to plan for next year when the time comes to do that.

It feels good to be a teacher again. . .but this time with only two students and NO pressure to accomplish anything yet, except have fun, wear them out a little, and maybe learn something along the way. Who could ask for a better teaching job?