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Beauty and the Photographer
September 1, 2008, 12:46 am
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This is how our children “smile big for Daddy.” Why does everything they do look so intense? I love these two cuties. . . just so you know, there is not a sound coming out at all in this picture, this is a BIG smile I guess!

In other news, we attended Tops in Blue, an Air Force broadway-style show . . .I took along reinforcements to help me with the children. . .our adopted godparents, Charlene and Rick. The children were out with us past 10 PM. . .I’m shocked at my own parentally irresponsible behavior – this is that latest I think they have ever been out! Since Jeremy has been deployed, Charlene and Rick try to take the children once a week and do something with them to wear them out, feed them, and give me a break. The children go crazy when they see them now and have become quite attached to them. Rick is our family deacon at our church and his wife, Charlene has been Elijah’s Sunday school teacher since we came to Charleston.

Rick had to hold the popcorn with his teeth when we clapped so he had free hands – set it down and it was liable to be dumped over!

This picture was taken this afternoon in our kitchen. Merry REALLY feels offended if Elijah gets to do something and she is given something less grown up to do, so when I can, I am trying to accommodate her. She loves him so much and tries to be just like him. He drags his own chair into the kitchen when I start cooking now, and today she tried to drag a chair in too, came crying in to ELIJAH (not me!) saying “help, chair!” to him. He helped her and put a chair RIGHT NEXT to his in the kitchen. So, Merry got the non-sharp table knife and the fresh mushrooms (this is what Elijah started on a few weeks ago) to cut. She did really well. . .and by the way, the pot in the picture is not on – I don’t allow them to cook with the stove – they just help me with prep so we don’t risk a burn. . .I let Elijah carefully put things into the pot and have him practicing that the pot will sometimes be hot and hurt him, so he drops the food in carefully from a few inches away.

Here’s Merry in her new swimsuit I just got off Ebay – this is the most amazing swimsuit that really doesn’t look like one – cute, more like a short swimdress with ruffled bloomers underneath, quick drying swimsuit fabric and modest. I wish I could find this in an adult size! I had to include this picture because it shows her dimple that is just so sweet on her right cheek.

So that’s the beauty in the title of this blog. . .now for the photographer: Elijah Spurgeon!

He has been taking pictures of all of his favorite things. I can tell what he is thinking by what he likes to look at and now, what he likes to photograph. . .

One of his favorite pictures that he likes to show people when they ask about his daddy – A picture taken Christmas 2004 before he was born, when Auntie Beth lived with us.

A stuffed animal (all of them are called “George’s friends” – Curious George, that is!) I guess George is the leader of the stuffed animal pack at our house.

Merry is a constant subject of his photographs, and I love his journalistic approach to some of them, notice the wide shot, and the closeup (daddy is impressed!)

One of our new neighbor’s houses with the cool vintage cars he collects

Our house and our van (notice the angle, he’s probably not moved since he took the last picture from what I can tell . . .this is his way of getting coverage – he just holds down the button and moves around in a circle, or even pointing the camera up or down to get pictures over or below him.)

Mommy and Merry (“smile BIG for Dadda” he always says, which is what I say to them when I take their pictures lately!)

The last few pictures prove, I think that there is artistic potential. . . perhaps he will take after his Daddy in that way, or his Grandma on Jeremy’s side, or his Aunt Naomi, or adopted Aunt Tammy – we can only hope!

NONE of these pictures have been edited and for the most part aren’t from a bunch of tries – they are just random GOOD photos that he took on his own.

Mommy and Elijah’s toes – I took a picture of our feet one day just goofing around with him, now he is taking this particular picture on his own. I had to stop what I was doing to pose with him for this photo.

Mommy and Merry outside . . . this is the most flattering picture he has ever taken of me. . . and this is NON-EDITED!

I think this is one of the coolest pictures – Merry’s little Radio Flyer bike