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Wii Update and Burps
August 29, 2008, 1:25 am
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As requested. . . Wii Mario Kart is a very easy game to play, and has some nice dummy-proof features. Elijah has even played it and likes the scene that goes through a farm and has cows crossing the road. I, of course, like the beach/ocean scene. Good clean family fun it seems – well-clad characters and animals as options for the children to be (Elijah loves the “turtle” don’t ask me what his name is.) I’m sure Jeremy, Ryan, Vince, Josh or some other more experienced Mario player will comment and inform you of the turtle’s name.

The other day Elijah passed a little gas and I said, “oh, excuse you,” to which he replied, “I burped,” reaching back behind himself. I’m not correcting that one – let him think it’s a burp until another little boy corrects him.

I am using Jeremy’s laptop as my keyboard on my computer dries out after Merry practiced dumping (her latest favorite activity) a glass of cold water all over it. We’ll see what happens.

Tonight I am trying to get myself a little organized for some formal schooling with the children. I am realizing that Merry wants to do everything Elijah does and is parroting so many things, so I am going to take advantage of that. She is showing some signs of being ready for some organized activities (she is emptying things and sorting them and setting them out according to different categories, all on her own) and Elijah LOVES to teach her things, so I may try to tap into that.

I found a neat website that I am browsing tonight, for those of you who are having fun preparing for homeschool preschool, here it is:

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All I meant for you to do was post a reply on the previous blog entry to let us know your impressions of the game. It was such a treat to see Elijah play Mario Kart with the little steering wheel (just his size) the other day over the video chat.

Be sure to tell Elijah to cover his ‘mouth’ when he ‘burps’. Just kidding … that’s gross.

I hope your keyboard is drying out, after Merry’s pouring fiasco. Geez. I know you probably miss your Mac, just about as much as I do, though I’d go PC forever if I could just come home (hope nobody heard that).

Comment by Jeremy

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