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Wii Mario Kart Saga
August 26, 2008, 12:11 am
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I’ve been duly chided. Jeremy says it’s been 9 days since I’ve posted about the children or us over here in the US. I guess he thinks it’s cheating to post stuff about him and his videos and keep you all updated on him . . .go figure! I guess he doesn’t think it’s as interesting as we are.

My list for today included going to the the post office to mail a few packages, which is a field trip in itself, one trip to a Game Stop (yes, Adina went to a video game store!!) and a stop at the arena near us to get GOOD SEATS (got to love the military discounts!) for Disney on Ice for our family for the 16th of NOVEMBER. . . our whole family of 5 will go for $31.50 (and I didn’t purchase the cheapest tickets either!) I am praying Jeremy will be home, and it looks like that may very well happen! I was so excited to buy something that had a date on it for AFTER his return potentially!

Hardly do I ever have 100% success at all my errands, but we were blessed with that today. Most surprising was the Game Stop visit – I was actually able to purchase Mario Kart for Wii, which has been out of stock EVERYWHERE since the early summer when I started looking for it. Jeremy asked me to purchase that with his birthday money from his Grandma, and practice it while he was gone so that I would perhaps be close to a competitive level to play with him when he returns (he is being kind. . .even after months of practice, it may still only take him 3 minutes to beat me, but I guess that’s better than the 30 seconds it usually takes me to lose a video game against him.)

So, I find out they have some at the Game Stop down the road, and I get there and purchase the second to the last one they have; I get in the van and explain to Elijah and Merry that we finally got Dadda his game for his birthday; as we drive away, Elijah says, “I want to see ‘da game for Dadda, Momma.” So I hand it to him in the bag, packaged up, he opens the bag (I can hear this, I’m driving out of the parking lot) and says “I’ll show it to Mimi. . . WOW, look at ‘dat, what a nice game!” (LOTS OF DRAMA in his voice) I chuckle to myself as he has no idea that it isn’t a new version of “HiHO Cherry-O” or something like that. He continues in the back, “Look, Mimi, you’re really gonna’ like ‘dat game, it’s nice.” I laugh even more as I realize that Elijah is more like his daddy than we realize sometimes. . . doing with Merry what Jeremy has already done with me. . .try to make me think I will like playing this “nice” video game, talking it up and showing me how amazing it is. . .

So. . .the children are in bed, and I’m going to take a stab at this and hope that in Elijah’s words, I’m “. . .really gonna’ like ‘dat game!”

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Where did you get the Disney tickets? I was just looking to get some and it didn’t appear that they were available?
Funny story too!!! Aren’t kids hysterical! They show us so much about ourselves!

Comment by Heather

Good luck on that, Adina, but you are braver than I. On Halo, I can’t even figure out how to look and walk in the same direction. But I know the Wii controllers are maybe a little easier to handle. I did try bowling on a friend’s Wii and it was pretty fun!

Comment by Joy

Soooo … how did you like the game? Post your reaction to it, for us to see. Were you stunned? Wasn’t it great?

Somehow I don’t think it will be as exciting for you as it is for me (though I’ve yet to play it). But if there’s any new game out there that you’d like (besides your staples of ‘Loadrunner’ circa 1983 or ‘Tetris’ circa 1985) then this is the one – at least I hope. Maybe not.

It seems you like ‘puzzle’ games now that I think about it. Perhaps we can get you a good puzzle game if this one doesn’t work for you – though I hope it does, as I am anxious to do something fun like that with you. At this point I’m anxious to do anything with you, even if you were to ask that we take part in couples figure skating. Don’t push it though.

I must be content playing Mario Kart on my DS until I get home. I can’t wait to play you!

Comment by Jeremy

I am very excited for the new post too! I check almost everyday for one. And now with being in Pa, I was even more excited for a new one. I am even trying to start mine actually again. ONE whole new post!

I miss you guys!

And with the game thing, Vince tries to do the same thing, and I have learned that most times it is much easier for me to watch and “help” by finding things on the game then actually play!

Comment by Jennifer

It’s great that Jeremy should be home by your due date, but I think that has clouded your brain, THAT’S A DAY AFTER YOUR DUE DATE! Just kidding, you know I can’t stay in either. I’m glad you bought better tickets, we went to something and it was to far for the kids to enjoy the show. Closer is worth the money there. Love, Kelly

Comment by Kelly

Jennifer, where in PA are you visiting? Are you from there. I am from Pittsburgh, PA originally, but graduated from Hershey High School in Hershey, Chocolatetown, PA.

Comment by Jeremy


Right now i am in johnstown, pa. This is where my parents live. BUT i know exactly where Hershey High is because my first few years of college i went to Messiah College, which was 20 minutes from there.

How is everything going over there? I am very excited for you to come home and meet you! I have heard a lot about you! ALL good things i promise!

Comment by Jennifer

Adina I can’t believe that Jeremy is going to get you into video games! You must really miss him! I’ve gotten away from my Sims game lately and have been playing games on (from the lifetime movie network). They have over 500 games that you can sample – you play them 1 hour for free and then you are hooked and have to buy them. There are a lot of puzzle games and find the object type games – several with Egyptian themes. You should check these out for free and maybe they will make you more adept at playing video games in general. But watch out – you may get hooked like me! I often say – I’m glad I didn’t have a computer when the kids were little or I would have neglected my kids! Hi Jeremy – how’s it going over there? Love, Mom

Comment by Debbie Caskey

I am laughing so hard–loved the last paragraph!

Comment by Cassie

Hey buddy. I like the picture of you with the goat. I guess the Army isn’t springing for MREs anymore. I’ve tried the cheek kiss thing here a couple of times, but have gotten some strange looks, especially from the cart greeter at Walmart, but hey, the guy was nice enough to give me a cart. If that doesn’t deserve a customary Mideastern kiss on the cheek, then I don’t know what does.

Comment by Sam

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