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Updates on the cuties
August 16, 2008, 5:52 pm
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Jeremy is trying to get internet access at his new location (if you want to send a letter, email me or comment with your email and I will send you his address – can’t post it here I don’t think.)  In the meantime there is also a flu going around the FOB (Forward Operating Base) so he was put on quarters.  Everything you can possibly have as a symptom for the flu HE HAS!  You know Jeremy’s sick when he’s only eaten a few crackers!

Elijah woke up this morning and said he wanted to go to the store where the giraffes, and lots of animals were.  I said, “you mean the zoo?”  He said yes and proceeded to list off to Merry all the animals we were going to see today.  We don’t even have a real zoo here in Charleston. . .but he has been set on it all morning.  I tried to see if I could find a petting zoo somewhere cheaper than the plantation at $25 a pop!  I couldn’t, so I was able to convince them that the pet store would be just as fun.  They liked the idea, and so we went.  Saturday morning makes the pet store swarm with dog people out shopping . . . so we had a really good time, and they also loved to watch the grooming stations where the dogs were getting “hair cuts.”

On the way out of there, we spied a Target and Elijah asked to go there, so we went there and got popcorn, a beef hot dog and lemonade because that’s what daddy always does with them (minus the hot dog, but it was lunch time, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone.)  It seems that Jeremy has taken on some much healthier eating habits since he’s been gone, and, evidenced by our lunch today, I have regressed.

Merry has taken to waving at people everywhere we go.  She makes everyone smile, it is so adorable!  The Target we went to was in a shopping mall, and I spied one of my favorite stores to window shop in right near the Target, so I let the children loose to run in the mall with me.  They were pretty well-behaved until I let Merry’s hand go to look at something right next to the window display. . .and I hear a squeal of glee from both children.  I turn to see Merry giggling at Elijah on the other side of the glass IN the FRONT WINDOW DISPLAY under the manikins.  She was way cuter than the manikins, so it was pretty funny.  Elijah thought it was hilarious that she was in there with all the ladies!