The Caskey Family

New Things Daddy Will Come Home to

Jeremy says I need to post something new – his is getting stale or something like that. I sometimes am so hesitant to post a new blog after his because I love pulling up my blog and seeing his post first. It is amazing to me that he can be so far away and still post on the same page as me!

There are so many things that have changed since Jeremy left for training in February. . . we got to see him for a few days in April, but I thought it might be fun for us to have a picture review of all the things he can look forward to discovering or experiencing new when he returns. . .

Us, plus one more. . .and the children bigger and more grown up than ever! This picture taken at a church party today – the children are SO tired. . .and Mommy is so happy about that! Lots of daddies and friends there to wear them out for me!

Merry Anna in a big girl bed now!

Elijah the photographer; here he said, “you sit down Momma, I take picture of my brother.” The second picture is of Daddy on Skype with us – the highlight of our months apart! If you look closely on the left bottom corner of the picture, in Jeremy’s palm, you can see the small screen of Elijah taking the picture of Jeremy!

Elijah the Chef (I call him Remi). This concoction was made while I was preoccupied in the living room and he said “I’m cooking Momma,” which up to that point had meant he was playing in the sink with a pot and spoon. When I checked on him a few minutes later, the empty containers next to my salad bowl revealed the recipe he announced as dinner “I make dinner for you and Mimi, Momma, IT’S YUMMY! We eat it later.” For those of you interested, here is the recipe:

Elijah’s First Specialty Dinner Entree:

2/3 bottle of Juicy Juice, Fruit Punch Flavor
4 ounces of Italian dressing
A touch of maple syrup
3 Pringles chips, regular flavor, crushed and sprinkled on top
Water to taste

I complimented him on helping me out, but told him that from now on he would have to cook with Mommy.

Elijah potty-trained AND dressing himself. This was one of our first days and he got on a pair of Merry’s capris and told me that they didn’t fit her anymore, but they fit him. He couldn’t get them up over his underwear really. . .which was progress in itself (that he was wearing any!) Notice the backwards shirt. We fixed this, but I had to get a picture of what he accomplished with NO help from me! I also think it is worth noticing that he sort of coordinates with what Merry was dressed in that morning as well!

Merry in cloth diapers

Merry smiling on command

Elijah with a wild imagination. Everything is alive and real now to Elijah, is has been so entertaining to watch. Here you see Merry and Elijah with these two camels Jeremy got for them – a Daddy and a baby camel that they are loving and hugging. They take them with them everywhere and Elijah insists each time that they “need to go,” wherever we are going. Curious George was helping him clean up a puzzle book the other day. I had asked Elijah to clean it up and I noticed him “helping” George clean up – he was holding his paw and making him pick up each piece and put it in the book. He complimented him “Good job, George” and when he was done, gave him a high five. When I asked if I could give George a high five for helping him, he was very happy to. Every stuffed animal and doll in the house is referred to as “George’s friends” and two baby dolls have now been named “Jeremiah” and “Christian” the names he has picked out for his baby brother (from a list presented by mommy of course) I caught him telling Merry a few days ago when she got out of her big girl bed, “See Mimi, you obey, like Jeremiah, see, he not get up, he sleeping in his bed.” He woke me up the other morning, having stripped his baby down to no clothes, saying “Mommy, he have wet diaper. He need his diaper changed and new pj’s.” Of course I say, “oh, okay, why don’t you just wrap him in a blanket and put him back to sleep, Mommy is still sleeping and it’s not time to wake up yet.” He looks at me all confused. I know he’s thinking, great parenting mommy, is that what you would do to us if we woke up wet, just wrap us up, no diaper or clothes – in only a blanket and put us back in bed?

More babies in our church! When Jeremy left for training we only knew of one mom pregnant: Stephanie. This picture is of all the pregnant women now in our church in order from left to right of most recent to furthest along. Meredith is 6 weeks, Carrie is 7 weeks, Jana is 17 weeks, I’m 27 weeks and Stephanie (the only one we knew was pregnant) just had Katarina a few weeks ago.

And of course we had to photograph the responsible parties. . . notice the space left for Jeremy. . . Husbands here match the mommies above, Josh, Steven, Joe (Jeremy to be photoshopped in later) and Richard.