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Jeremy’s mission to Afghanistan
August 5, 2008, 3:17 pm
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Jeremy writes,

For those of you who don’t know, I went on a mission to Afghanistan to conduct a detainee release.  The trip was a success and the detainee will be released after several years in U.S. custody.  Afghanistan was comparatively cool, 80 degrees instead of 120 (here in Iraq).  The photo above is of me and the security team, medic, and interpreter who composed the detail to Afghanistan.  If you notice I am wearing an Army uniform, something we Air Force combat cameraman do on missions.  


On the way home I spent a couple of days in the country of Qatar, weapon free, enjoying the amenities that are more prevalent at an Air Force deployed location such as pool, movie theater, various fast food establishments, library, and the like.  I know all of those things sound fairly normal to most Americans, but they are to be appreciated when you do without them.  Several Air Force personnel in Qatar kept coming up to me with a baffled look on their face as to why I was wearing an Army uniform with Air Force rank and markings on it – something generally you only see from Air Force Special Forces that go out with the Army.  I’ve never been a ‘cool’ guy, but that was about as close as I got.  One guy actually asked me if I was Special Forces.  When I said, “No, I’m Combat Camera”, he said, “Oh … well, that’s just as cool”.  



I also got to pass over United Arab Emirates and see the city of Dubai, from the air, and the island resort atolls off of its coast.  Even though I am stationed at a C-17 base at home, I finally got to ride one on the way back from Afghanistan.  It was a good trip.  I have a few days of down time before I head to my next location here in country.