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It’s a BOY!!
July 14, 2008, 7:15 pm
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Check out the proof!

It’s a. . . We’ll Know Tomorrow, Perhaps!
July 14, 2008, 1:56 am
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Tomorrow I have my ultrasound that may show us (with cooperation from the baby) if Elijah and Merry will get a sister or brother. So so so exciting! We are already blessed with two children with very sweet spirits, I can’t imagine the blessing (and responsibility) number three will be. Today, Elijah said “I love my Merry, Momma,” when we were driving in the car. He also added that he wanted Daddy to come home soon, then proceeded to explain to Merry that Daddy would come home from Iraq to see them. Merry says “oh,” and repeats a word or two of what Elijah just said to her when he has a serious conversation with her. She seems to be listening and understanding him, and somehow communicates to him that she understands him. He will actually ask her questions and respond to her jabbering as if she had given him a coherent answer. Those two make my heart melt!

We talked about obeying in the church nursery tonight, and when I asked Elijah if he would need God’s help, he said, “yes,” so we had a prayer. It was very precious to hear him ask God to help him obey “so I don’t get ‘pankings” he said,” then instructed Merry that it was her turn to pray. She “prayed” and included “obey” in there somewhere, then Elijah went on to make sure I prayed too. It is very sweet to have these interactions with them, but I have to keep praying for their hearts, because I know that at this point they are mostly copying and their motivation is mainly less discipline which they have now connected to a lack of obedience. Good start, I feel, but far from where I hope the grace of God will eventually lead them.

Last night around 1AM, Merry woke up vomiting, and continued to have little bouts until almost 3AM. She is better today it seems. But she was so cute, she figured out how to neatly stand at the toilet and get it into the “water.” She did not like the feeling of it, obviously, and tried to avoid throwing up. It was so cute (as is Merry’s nature) she kept saying when she would actually throw up, “oh no, oh no!” and “in water,” in a very concerned voice. I never thought I would say something like this, but motherhood drives you to some strange things. It was so cute to hear her say “oh no, oh no!” that I almost got the video camera out. I guess if there was one person who could make throwing up cute, it’s Merry!

So excited for the ultrasound tomorrow! I will post as soon as I can sometime in the afternoon, Lord willing.

Pregnancy Photos
July 10, 2008, 5:37 pm
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On Tuesday I will officially be 5 months pregnant; time for a pregnancy update. I post lots about the first two children, but more news is coming on Caskey baby number three! On Monday we are having our “anatomy ultrasound” which hopefully will show us if we are having a daughter or son! Then the real name-picking fun begins!! Elijah is very partial at this moment to having another sister. He even announced a few days ago that he wanted THREE sisters! As usual, I told him that he would have to talk to God about that.

I am feeling the baby move often now, in response to the children’s voices, preaching and other sounds, too, which is so exciting. We pray that this child will grow up to love and serve the Lord our God with all of its’ heart, soul, mind and strength and love and serve the Body of Christ for the glory of God.

My health and the baby’s is wonderful, morning sickness left around 12 weeks, so I have been very grateful. My energy level is very good, even considering the fact that I am single-parenting right now. God has blessed me greatly in that area, and I am thankful.

Some people are getting annoyed at me because I’ve not posted any pictures of me pregnant. I’m sorry to you all – thank you for reminding me, along with my husband! Roseann took a few of me right after we went swimming before they left today, so here’s one of the two of us, and two of me and my baby.

More Fun With Haircuts and Cousins
July 9, 2008, 7:09 pm
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Uncle Josh has taken it upon himself to introduce Elijah to some fun skills of boy/manhood – including eating boiled peanuts.  Elijah loves these, and the process of eating them is half the fun!

Check out this boy’s need for a haircut – evident in this picture of him showing me a shelled boiled peanut ready for consumption:

And the improvement after Mommy finally bit the bullet and cut his hair!

I love this picture of him laying on the floor – so Elijah right now.

Merry has been enjoying her cousin Lumina in some fun ways – they both love to climb in things to see if they fit. . .this time Elijah’s mandolin case!  Jeremy, I will get you photos of Elijah playing his mandolin sometime soon!

Merry is smiling on command now, I had to include these smile attempts of hers!

Family Visits and Summer Pictures
July 5, 2008, 3:01 am
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We’ve been very busy with family visits and have neglected to post pictures for a while. . . so here you are Daddy! We love you! God is very very good to us, we have so much love around us in the form of friends and family.

Sisters! Roseann, with her daughter Lumina, Risa my youngest sister, me and the children and Beth

Elijah with adopted “grandparents Mr. Rick and Miss Charlene (his Sunday School teacher) on their trip to the acquarium

Elijah sitting on the dead tree just cut down in our front yard

Water sliding with Aunt Naomi and Uncle Johnny! He must have ridden this slide 30 or 40 times!

Merry, Uncle Johnny and Elijah in the kiddie pool at the water park

Peanut butter sandwiches after the water park

Elijah asked Merry to come sit with him on this hatbox “I read you story, Mimi.” This lasted about 20 seconds and she wouldn’t sit still and obey him, so I asked them if they would like to take a picture together on the box. This is what we got when I told them to smile really big.

First bowling experience with Grandma Rebecca and Mr. Mark! Elijah and Merry just LOVED it!

Lumina, Elijah and Merry all dressed up for the 4th of July. Elijah loves his sister and cousin!

Such a beautiful patriotic beauty! Cali the dog as her sidekick.

Rebecca (my foster mom), Mark (her friend), us with my sister Roseann, her daughter Lumina and her husband Josh at a little pond in West Ashley where we spent the afternoon with friends from church and shot off some little fireworks and played with some sparklers.