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July 10, 2008, 5:37 pm
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On Tuesday I will officially be 5 months pregnant; time for a pregnancy update. I post lots about the first two children, but more news is coming on Caskey baby number three! On Monday we are having our “anatomy ultrasound” which hopefully will show us if we are having a daughter or son! Then the real name-picking fun begins!! Elijah is very partial at this moment to having another sister. He even announced a few days ago that he wanted THREE sisters! As usual, I told him that he would have to talk to God about that.

I am feeling the baby move often now, in response to the children’s voices, preaching and other sounds, too, which is so exciting. We pray that this child will grow up to love and serve the Lord our God with all of its’ heart, soul, mind and strength and love and serve the Body of Christ for the glory of God.

My health and the baby’s is wonderful, morning sickness left around 12 weeks, so I have been very grateful. My energy level is very good, even considering the fact that I am single-parenting right now. God has blessed me greatly in that area, and I am thankful.

Some people are getting annoyed at me because I’ve not posted any pictures of me pregnant. I’m sorry to you all – thank you for reminding me, along with my husband! Roseann took a few of me right after we went swimming before they left today, so here’s one of the two of us, and two of me and my baby.

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Finally!!! So Sweet Jeremy will appreciate this one! I can’t wait til monday!!! coronado’s bets are on a boy. maybe johnathon edwards or a martyn lloyd jones or something!!!

Comment by Stephanie

Great photos!!! Adina, you look radiant!! I can’t wait to find out WHO is coming!!!! I am going to officially guess that the baby is a GIRL!!! (:
Also… “Hi, Jeremy! The vonRosenberg family is praying for you!!! Also, we wanted to tell you that Charlie and the other kids at our church’s VBS made you a prayer packet that should arrive soon!” (:
The Caskey family rocks!!!

Comment by Mary

You look so beautiful! Can’t wait to hear what the baby is! I don’t have a vote! But twin girls would give Elijah his wish! 😉

Comment by Deb

Blog betting is illegal (I don’t know this for sure, but it should be!). . . but I’m tempted, Stephanie, to bet you a pack of diapers!

My vote is that it’s a girl. . . our names for girls just HAVE to be used, I think, and Elijah is pretty set on having another Mimi. No feelings either way for ME, and of course I really don’t care if we have a girl or boy, God knows what our family needs. . . thankfully!

Comment by icaskey

Adina, You look absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the post. I would be happy with whatever God sends, but I think it’s a boy. We’ll know soon, Lord willing. I can’t wait for your appointment Monday, or is it Tuesday? Hopefully it’s not Tuesday – that’s my day off. Mary, tell Charlie and his friends in advance “thank you” for the prayer packet. I look forward to getting it.

Comment by Jeremy

You look so cute, Adina! And that’s barely a belly bump…very nice for 5 months. Congrats on it being a boy! Now you’ve started a pattern. 🙂

Comment by Joy

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