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The Caskey Way
June 30, 2008, 9:12 pm
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Elijah came up to me this morning, held my face in his hands, gave me big kisses, counting as he went “one, two, fweeeeee, four, five. . .” “okay, Elijah, that’s enough, only Daddy can kiss Mommy that many times at once. . .” I say, (we’ve all been sick, so I’m trying to minimize the germs too!) to which he responds, “Momma, I give you ONE more!!”

What Momma can resist the Caskey way of getting a cold? But hey, I’ll take the Caskey way any day. . . . . throw caution to the wind and spread some germs, right?!?!

Here’s our latest family visitor, my beautiful sister Risa! For those of you who never met my mom, she’s probably my mom’s closest likeness. . . so cool to see!