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Father’s Day Blessings
June 19, 2008, 11:56 am
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Psalm One is one of my favorite Psalms and is a sort of Proverbs 31 for a husband and dad. Blessed is the man who delights in the law of the Lord, and meditates on it day and night.

My children are blessed to have a godly daddy, and I am blessed to be their mother along side him. We are also both blessed to have fathers who desired for, and taught us to serve the Lord and love His Body, the church.

It is beautiful to see the evidences of Jeremy’s godly life in our children already. His steady leadership of our family in consistent fellowship in godly churches has led our children to expect to be in church, to look forward to fellowship with their friends at church already, and to develop a taste for a Christ-centered worship and teaching. Elijah’s mandolin yesterday was “played” for “church” with Merry as the only member attending in our living room. I asked Elijah who was going to preach after the music was done, and he said, “me!” Attention spans didn’t allow them to get that far into the imaginary church service, but I can’t wait until their attention spans do allow for it!

Some other things the children do that reflect their Daddy: They hold hands across their carseats in the back when we are driving somewhere, just like Jeremy does with me in the front seat. Elijah sings and prays with Merry and expects to read his Bible every day, and now, more than what is the usual amount, “read that too, Mamma.”

The especially amazing thing about a godly father is that not only is he blessed, as Psalm one says, but so is his family, his wife, and others who come in contact with him! We love you Jeremy, and are blessed by you even in your physical absence! Come home safely and soon!

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I have already been missing you all terribly, and now having read this, “I have to” (Elijah) come home! I love you.

Comment by Jeremy


Your godly leadership of your family is evident to us. Thank you for being a good husband to my friend. A belated Father’s Day blessing to you.


I loved hearing how your two play church. Ours do the same and Laura often prays her best prayers when they are “playing” rather than when we have family worship! I love how they all do different things for their service, and how the boys insist that Sarah may not preach because she is a girl. :O)

Enjoyed all your pictures–so good to see your family and Rebecca.

Love you lots,

Comment by Cassie

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