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Daytime Diaper Graduation!
June 4, 2008, 1:06 am
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Here’s the big man himself…graduated from daytime diapers into bi’boy pants, as he calls them!  We will tackle the nighttime training soon – I have to be ready for some sleep deprivation possibly – something I hesitate to throw myself into!  As I decide whether or not to make this official, his Hooked on Phonics preschool curriculum arrived, and he is LOVING every bit of it so far!  But back to the graduation…if he’s ready for preschool, one of the big steps to that is toilet training.  He’s been interested in a long time, but I did not push it because of all the changes in the family due to daddy’s deployment.  After Daddy left, we got right back into the swing of it and he’s only had a few accidents in the past 6 weeks or so. 

The real test was our trip.  I put pull-ups on him for plane and car trips.  Several times he would ask to go to the potty, and if it wasn’t possible to go at the time, I would tell him to hold it if he could, but if he went accidentally in his pull-up that was okay since I couldn’t take him right then.  EVERY time we would get to a toilet (a few times more than 20 minutes later!) his pull up would be dry and he made it to the toilet!  I thought this was pretty good…in fact, I actually think that he has a better bladder than me right now at 4 months pregnant!

So here are the daytime potty-training objectives he’s successfully completed:

1. He goes on his own without being reminded

2. He asks to go in plenty of time to get to the toilet if we are somewhere where he need assistance

3. He can hold it if needed for a short period of time

4. He can dress and undress himself to use the toilet, wash his hands and flush himself

5. He’s been without an accident for well over a week

I am so thankful, and realize that I am AMAZINGLY blessed to have had it so easy with this phase of toilet training!