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Our trip to Omaha and back again
June 2, 2008, 12:02 am
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It has been far too long since I’ve blogged. . .so this is a mishmash of fun stuff from our trip and return home. We are homebound due to a yucky virus we caught – sore throats, coughs and runny noses, the children are about over it, I think, but I’m in the throes of it right now.

We ended our visit in Oklahoma on a sweet and bright note as we visited the Oklahoma City zoo with Katelyn, her mom and sister. I loved this beautiful picture of her and David with the children on a bridge there.

We had a very smooth trip to Nebraska, 7 hours drive and the children did beautifully! When we got there we found out that our friends, the Wades are pregnant with number two! We also found out that one of Jeremy’s coworkers and his wife are pregnant and some friends from our sunday school at church are pregnant with their third! I found out about these three pregnancies in less than 20 hours! Congrats to you all!

Here are some pictures from our visits with the Wades:

Elijah and Hannah doing a letter/sound game on the internet with Miss Whitney. They took turns so well! They are 6 months apart and they look like they are related. . . no relation that we know of, though!

Mr. Ian is showing Elijah the manly way to play with pompoms – Ian and Elijah were the only men in the house during our visits there (except when Mr. Craig came over one day to play video games) – as you will see from the picture next, he was surrounded by girls!

This is my friend Jessica and her four beautiful daughters, Whitney and Hannah, me, Merry and one lone little Elijah!

Hannah and Elijah bringing milk into the house – such cute teamwork.

Mimi sharing her snack with Hannah

Elijah showing Kia a toy Pluto – he’s really growing brave!

Elijah and his friend Rachel on her 13th birthday/blessing party.

Of course by the end of the trip we determined that we hadn’t gotten enough pictures (yeah right!) so we decided to see if we could get the children to pose for some. . . we got them to hold still by feeding them “gummies” which produced lots of pictures of them chewing and putting their hands in their mouths! I thought this picture was a classic summary of the whole experience!

Labor Day we went to/had a picnic at the base lake. Right before it started, he fell off a picnic bench onto the ground. I’d never seen him hurt like that before. He cried and cried, and held his arm for a few hours, not using it. Two different nurses told us we should take him in to the hospital to have it x-rayed for fractures (it wasn’t a bad break if it was broken – no swelling or anything). Needless to say, I didn’t get much visiting done and this is one of the few pictures we got of that day.

The next morning we did take him in to have his arm looked at (after going in to the emergency room that night and realizing that the wait was going to be until the next morning and there were so many sick people in there I decided to take him home and see if he would sleep, and he did, Praise the Lord!)

I took him to Midlands Hospital in Papillion and we had the sweetest doctor and nurses ever! They gave him stickers and prize out of the treasure chest, even though they had to hold him down for every single procedure (am I just remembering wrong, but when I was a child, those things were for children who behaved at the doctor’s.) Times have changed, and I guess I’m thankful that they treated him so well even though he was so scared of everything (he had to get x-rays without me in the room because of my pregnancy – a dark room and two strangers holding you down would be pretty scary to me too I guess!)

Waiting to see the doctor.

“Take a picture of my Cherrios, Mamma” That’s when I realized I was taking pictures of the ridiculous – his cereal was more interesting to him than everything else I was photographing!

In the end, this is what we ended up with – a hard splint for 4 days and a second visit to the doctor when we returned home . . . diagnosis was Nursemaid’s Elbow – common I guess for this age.

My friend Kristie Gant. . . I had to leave and return to Nebraska to get a picture of her!


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WOW!!! You are one travlin’ woman!!! Hope everyone gets well soon! Mercy did that to her elbow a few months ago, x-rays and all that and after 48 hours or so, she was going strong! We have sure had some great times with your brother, David, did he tell you about the chickens? He really did good helping!! He’s fun to be around. Praying the Lord will work a mighty work for him and Katelyn.
Keep in touch!!
Cindy in OK

Comment by Cindy

I am glad to finally know the end of the story. I kept meaning to call, but didn’t know where you were in all your travels. I’m glad you had an awesome trip!

Comment by Joy Folken

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