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Pictures From Oklahoma
May 20, 2008, 3:00 am
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Elijah warms up to cats (Brewster), pigs (Barbie) and other animals

Milking a goat on the Morris Farm, warming up to horses (with cowgirl Aunt Kris)

Elijah couldn’t understand how riding a horse would make him a COWboy – he wanted to ride a cow to be a cowboy! Makes sense to me!

Mimi petting the horse with Corinne (David’s future mother-in-law)

Nothing says “country” like twin John Deere’s

Elijah pretending to be Noah (David and his Beloved fiance, Katelyn in the background) Merry being tickled by a new friend

David, us and his beautiful Katelyn!!!!!

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😀 You’ve gotten some fun pictures! It has been sososo HEAVENLY to have you here! It’s a joy and delight to have the gift of time spent with you, Elijah and Merry! These past few days have overflowed with sweet blessings! I’m eternally thankful and grateful for every moment spent with you! You are an amazing blessing Adina, and your children are a blessing, and may our Lord bless you a hundred fold in return!!! ❤
P.S. Pic#2 has a repugnant mass of lard in the bottom right corner that you might want to edit out; it’s getting parasites on your blog. 😉 😛

Comment by ( : David's Kate : )

The pictures are great and a very welcome update. I’m glad everyone’s having such a good time – it will make the time go quicker. I’ve already been here a month, 5 to go! I’m playing Christmas music and thinking of you often. The Christmas music makes me think of when we will be back together again. I can’t wait! I’m really excited about the new baby. Do you know that you’ve yet to do a post solely dedicated to the new baby – no announcement. I relinquish any blame here – holding to my deployed excuse. David’s really going country with his new wardrobe!


Comment by Jeremy

Hi Adina,
Fun pictures, it was so nice to meet you and your sweet children!! I am glad they really got farm and country experiences. May the Lord bless your preg. and may it go fast too as you await to be reunited with your beloved!! I am so glad your helping take care of David from afar:), and your being here for him as he is so patiently waiting on the Lord. I am praying the Lord would work in the parents hearts and that the sweet couple could become one soon. Keep in touch!!!!

Comment by Cindy

I like the clarification in the last picture caption “his beautiful Katelyn”.

Comment by an observer

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