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Videos Playing Outside and Inside
May 5, 2008, 5:19 pm
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Playing outside – My plants and temporary shade awning

Playing with our Babies Inside


Elijah Teaching Merry


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The videos of the children are simply terrific. I loved seeing: Elijah teach Merry, Merry sorting and talking so big, and I never get tired of Elijah singing “My Jesus I Love Thee.” Seeing the back yard with the kids in their bathing suits and the green grass is wonderfully pleasant and such a contrast with the grownup, uniformed, sandy world I live in. I miss and love you guys.

Comment by Jeremy Caskey

Hey, I think that might have been the water table I got them for Christmas. How did you like all those summer clothes I sent them? Weren’t they nice? Did you and Jeremy get to use the gift card for your anniversary before he went to Iraq? Hope so. Love, Mom

Comment by Debbie Caskey

I’m posting here for Jeremy’s mom b/c emails are bouncing!
Our emails are still bouncing out of your email box!

Yes, that is the water table!

I sent you a long email about the summer clothes – I feel bad you didn’t get it. I will try to go into my sent box and TRY to send it to you again. Yes, we have enjoyed the summer clothes – some Merry will wear later in the summer – some are getting compliments now!

We did go to Red Lobster the Sunday before he left. We took Stephanie and Richard and the children with us b/c that is Richard’s favorite place to eat!

Comment by icaskey

Joshy and I enjoyed watching the movies, you are doing a great at being a mom!!!!!! Joshua says I love you to Elijah and Merry! Keep up the amazing attitude and works of love!!! All our support!

Comment by Kelly

Adina these videos are too cute! Can’t wait to see your gorgeous babies in person! Let Elijah know that we call swimsuits here – togs. Yes, togs. Adults and kids alike call them togs. Don’t ask me why.
I didn’t use Abeka for homeschooling but lots of my friends liked it for preschool. Do you remember the alphabet letters along the wall at Las Palmas? We would make a letter of the week using something that started with the sound of the letter i.e. apple jacks for A, buttons for B, cotton balls for C, etc. We would make the shape of the letter on paper with elmers glue and then stick the thingys on and vwala! you have an easy and inexpensive way of teaching letters. I took photos of them to keep in their homeschooling records. Anyway, there are heaps of ideas out there and your kids are lucky to have you teaching them. Mwah to all of you (big MWAHS to you Jeremy-in-our-prayers).
Love and miss you, Rebecca

Comment by Grandma Rebecca

I love Merry’s little hairstyle. She looks nice in bangs. Elijah has such a nice singing voice.
Love, Mom

Comment by Debbie Caskey

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